Miranda Kerr Syndrome

Miranda Street Style. Note black Birkin bag and killer sunnies. 

Miranda Street Style. Note black Birkin bag and killer sunnies. 

When shopping for anything, especially denim, it’s important to be aware of – and not fall victim to – Miranda Kerr Syndrome. MK Syndrome is usually the result of spending too much time on Pinterest (or other style sites), looking at pix of Miranda’s street style (looks that btw I say are probably put together with help from a stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist but whatevs). It makes you want to wear things that are best reserved for size double zero ex Vicky Secret models who have Birkins and an extensive wardrobe of designer sunglasses. Two of the biggest MK traps you could fall into? Denim on skinny denim or flare leg, tight white jeans – Both of which she’s wearing in the photos above.

So, next time you go jean shopping, forget Miranda and remember this:

1. Bring someone you trust. But not your bf or husband. Some of my worst memories of working in retail are of men vetoing everything (including some really flattering stuff) that their wives or Gf’s would come out of the fitting rooms wearing. So frustrating.

2. Buy your jeans tight. Most jeans these days are made with Lycra, so they stretch out as you wear them. If you start with a loose fit, you’ll wind up with jeans that are 1-2 sizes too big for you. And a saggy looking butt. Not flattering.

3. Wash your dark or black denim inside out and in a special dark wash detergent to delay any fading for as long as possible. (In my book, there's nothing sadder looking than faded black denim.) Woolite makes a great dark detergent for this purpose that I use religiously. And the Laundress also offers a Denim Wash for jeans that you love, love, LOVE and want to take special care of. I'm a fan. 

4. The dryer is your enemy. Once you find jeans that work for you, avoid putting them in the dryer. The heat will break down the fabric and wear them out much, much quicker. Heat will also fade your dark wash or black denim big time. The air fluff cycle on your dryer is the only way to go. It takes out the moisture quicker and won't leave your jeans stiff as a board like 100% air drying will.

Yours Truly In Denim, 


Phot Credits: Photos of Miranda Kerr, courtesy of Pinterest