Forget What You've Heard: Orange Is The Color Of 2015

Orange you glad it's 2015?

Forget Pantone and their choice for the color of this year: Marsala? Really??? I didn't even know that was a color. Seriously. The only thing I know about Marsala is it's a way to cook chicken. 

Because the color of 2015 is ORANGE.

Here's why:

1. For starters, it's January and it's freezing outside.

And I bet your hands are probably all dried out by now too.

What's gonna save you? ORANGE. Or more specifically, this orange and white tube of Yu-Be, the #1 selling moisturizer in Japan thank you very much. 

I first discovered Yu-Be at a Sephora near Columbus Circle in NYC a few years ago...Don't know about you, but I love trying moisturizers or makeup that's popular in other countries. I also hate when I put on hand cream and my hands are dry again in 'like' an hour. That won't happen with this. One caveat - It does give off a strong (almost medicinal) smell when you first apply it, but that dissipates pretty quickly. Strongly consider picking up 2 tubes - one to carry with you and the other to keep at home. Because you won't want to be without this stuff ever again.

2. Orange food is the answer, especially right now.

You need orange slices in your life this winter. Every day. They're the easy way to ramp up the Vitamin C and keep from getting sick every other week.

Because a runny red nose is NOT glam.

And don't forget the Orange drinks.

Or drinks that come in orange containers...Like this Get Young Tea.

It's no secret that I'm a little self obsessed.

OK, a lot.

That being said, I'm also obsessed with anything anti-aging that does not require surgery or injections. (I'm only willing to get Botox'ed at some future point IF the doctor or dermatologist will agree to being taped and have everything posted on this blog. You think I'm kidding.)

3. Accessories shouldn't be boring.

Orange is a tough color to wear on or near your face. Yeah, orange makeup and clothing can be tricky. That's why accessories are the way to go. Think bags and shoes. 

My orange Longchamp

My orange Longchamp

More of my orange Longchamp

More of my orange Longchamp

Orange and animal print patent peep toes

Orange and animal print patent peep toes

Just don't wear your orange shoes and bags back to black. That rule still stands: Yeah, Orange + Black still = Halloween. Instead wear it back to navy, khaki or white.

Of course, Rihanna is the only one who can break this rule because quite honestly, she looks good in anything. She can also get away with carrying a flip phone too.

And just when I'm feeling the love for my brand spanking new I-Phone 6 Plus that I waited a whole 6 weeks for, I see people like Rihanna and Anna Wintour with their flip phones. 

And then, there's the Manrepeller. Only one of THE most popular bloggers in the entire world.

She posted this on her Instagram yesterday (aka, New Year's Day):


Trying to bring back the Blackberry perhaps?


Well, I can't go back to that small screen.

I won't.

I simply will NOT.

Not even for the ManRepeller.