Are You A Bad Kisser?

Back in college I went thru a serious boho sloppy phase, during which I wore lots of black shapeless clothing (with the occasional Levi's jean or legging and t-shirt combo thrown in every once in a while) and clunky shoes like Doc Martins and John Fluevogs. My 'makeup bag' contained stuff like Carmex lip balm (a true drugstore classic) and Max Factor clear mascara, which I thought was the greatest thing since sliced you-know-what. Well, now I wish I could go back in time and give myself a makeover (and possibly a nice kick in the butt) because I so needed some lipgloss, blusher and a good eyelash curler (for starters), but whatevs. 

Anyway, at that time, I also had a huge crush on this boho sloppy Bob Dylan wannabe in one of my writing classes. He was smart, funny and (again) reminded me of Dylan during his early days. I don't have any pix, but think Highway 61 Revisited-ish. So, yeah, think young Bobby Dylan. When he was cute. Maybe I'd read Edie: An American Biography, the life story of socialite and Warhol Superstar Edie Sedgwick, who'd had a brief fling with Dylan back in the 60's, too many times? Who knows? (Btw, in the most recent movie version of Edie's life, called Factory Girl, Edie is played by one of my personal style icons, Sienna Miller and Bob by the oh-so-adorable Hayden Christensen.) 

The reason I mention boho sloppy Dylan wannabe at all here is because sadly, he turned out to be an extremely bad kisser. Super bad. To make matter worse? He. Smoked. Yup and #Yuck 

Now, you can't protect yourself from all the bad kissers of this world, but you can protect your lips, especially this time of year. Here are a few of the best lip treatments, glosses and colors that you need in your life right now:

1. Get Your Lip Balm On

I beg you - Start stocking your bedside drawer with at least one lip balm to apply before you go to sleep. It's the lazy girl's way of protecting the lips this winter. Here are three of my favs: 1) BalmDotCom (made by Glossier and may be used on lips, hands and feet) 2)Twinkle & Smooch Lip Balm (local skincare and makeup line from my friend Jenny DiMucci) 3) Farmaesthetics Lip Softner (again, local RI company - LOVE that it contains healing Calendula, Vitamin C and a little mint to freshen breath.)

2. Get Fresh

It's no secret that I'm crazy in love with  Fresh Lip Treatment, especially in Rose (That's the subtle shade I'm wearing the pix above), Petal and Passion. They moisturize your lips (Tip: You cannot moisturize your lips enough in the winter, k?), last forever and add just enough shine and color without being too sticky or too tacky. I mean - Is there anything worse than getting your hair stuck in your lip gloss? Seriously. There isn't. 

3. Get Real

One thing I'm not a fan of? Lipstick when it looks too thick or too heavy (aka, fake). Also, you should know, if you have thin lips (like I do), you really can't handle too much LIP DRAMA. In other words, anything too frosty or too matte, too dark or too otherwise extreme will only make your lips look even smaller. That being said here are a few of my fav pretty but not overpowering or over the top lipsticks: Medieval and Saint Wine by Lipstick Queen (True Story: J'adore their entire line.); Healthy Lips and Bare Lips by Laura Mercier; Gipsy by Nars (a brownish based red that looks good on absolutely everyone); and MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Ruby from their Sharon Osbourne Collection (I get compliments whenever I wear this. Not sure if it's still available though.).