The 2 Minute Makeup Bag Detox

Admit it.

It's time for an intervention and detox...for your makeup bag.

You're not alone. 

We know from personal experience that right about now, your bag probably contains one or more of the following:

  • a 1/2 dozen lip glosses you're kicking yourself for buying last year because they all seem to make your face look a little too ruddy or your teeth look a little too yellow 
  • leaky perfume samples or (even worse) a leaky bottle of foundation 
  • a cracked blush compact (Let it go. It's bad beauty karma - Throw it out now!)
  • stray mints that somehow escaped from their tin 
  • eyebrow gel that your friend/sister/mom swears by, but makes you look like you drew your brows in with a Sharpie 
  • at least one mascara that gives you raccoon eyes
  • a post-it note with the item number for that new printer cartridge you still need to pick up at Staples. Or something like that. Right?

That's why we asked our good friend (and soon to be yours) Jenny DiMucci of Twinkle & Smooch Beauty on Oaklawn Ave. in Cranston, RI to enlighten us about what we really need to be carrying around on a daily basis and , just as important, what we don't. The whole beauty truth and nothing but the truth. And we swear (that) Jenny knows her stuff: She has years of experience working in the beauty industry as an artist (PattyJ Tip: Whenever possible, refer to a makeup artist simply as 'an artist'. It makes you sound like you're a cool insider in the beauty world.) for some pretty high profile lines, not to mention her time managing entire cosmetics departments for several major retailers. 

Now, of course, Jenny has her own studio. Before we go any further, we thought we'd share some makeup porn from her Twinkle & Smooch studio with all of you who (like us) are #obsessed with the stuff:

Alright, so it's perfectly ok to have lots of makeup like this. At your house. We're not gonna judge. Just don't go carrying it around with you everywhere you go. Really. Please Don't. That would be an #EpicFail beauty wise.

That's where our video blog with Jenny comes in. Watch and find out how to finally get the perfect assortment of makeup in your bag that will help you look your prettiest without the clutter and chaos:

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