March Beauty & Style Madness

The gossip-y guide to everything you should wear, see and do style wise this Spring.


1. How To Channel The 70's Right Now Without Having Regrets Later

You can't escape it - Retro 70's is a huge trend this year. The only solution to looking on trend without looking back at photos of yourself from 2015 with some serious future regret? Think Lauren Hutton. Quite simply, most of her photos from the 70's don't look dated at all. I mean I have yet to find a cringeworthy shot of her wearing denim during that decade. So it might seem as though everyone's pushing button front denim minis (and jeans with ginormous flared legs), but I say look to Lauren instead and go with something in a pencil skirt shape. The one here, by Citizens, is a darker wash - even better because it will always make you look slimmer. I mean who doesn't want that? 

*White t-shirts (like the one you see on Lauren above) obviously never ever go out of style, but they do yellow (Only a true friend will tell you that your once white t has yellowed btw.), so pick up fresh ones every year. At least. My go-to's for best fit and best quality include Everlane, JCrew, and James Perse

2. How To Do Less And Look Prettier

Roller Lash, the newest mascara from Benefit, has a wand that's supposed to eliminate the need for a separate eyelash curler entirely. Full Disclosure: I have droopy lashes and as a result, I'm a certified eyelash curler junkie. (I'm also still upset that I can no longer get a Shu Uemura one - They're the Bentley or Rolls Royce of eyelash curlers. - in the continental USA.) That being said,  I'm definitely in like with this formula (Thanks for the tube Sephora! Wink, wink.), but I'm not quite ready to quit my eyelash curler yet. I can't. Don't hate me. 

*I bought my first Benefit Cosmetic - a bottle of Benetint, their original lip and cheek tint - at Sephora on the Champs Elysees eons ago. And speaking of Paris, my brother is there now and he visited the Shakespeare And Company book store over the weekend. Here's the pic he sent me of the cat who apparently lives there:

3. How To Finally Answer The Nagging Question - 'Are you a Jackie or a Marilyn?' 

With sunglasses of course...

Oversized Round 'Jackie Ohh Sunglasses', $160, by RayBan; Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses, $300, by Stella McCartney.

Also, both pairs are perfect if you have errands to do or want to run out for coffee, but don't feel like putting on a full face of makeup. Sunnies + Lipstick = The Answer (And since we're talking about lipstick, you should know that longtime J.Crew makeup artist Troi Ollivierre has come out with her own line of lip color - 3 bold shades in old school gold glam tubes - available exclusively on It's very off duty model/actress bare faced with only a swipe color on the lips pretty.)

*My father was a major fan of Jackie, JFK and the rest of the Kennedy clan. I swear we spent 1/2 our vacation time on the Cape (aka, Cape Cod, MA) driving by the Kennedy compound over and over again, trying desperately to catch a glimpse of someone, anyone connected to the family. 

Ciao For Now, 

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos (except for the cat!) are courtesy of Google Images