The Beauty Blog For Tired Moms: 3 Ways To Look Like You Slept 8 Hours

This Sunday? It's Mom's Day. Now, one thing's for sure - most of you moms out there IRL probably don't get enough sleep. Another thing I'm pretty certain of is that plenty of people will be wanting to take your pic this weekend, probably sharing it to Facebook  and Insta too. Before you freak, check out these 3 surefire ways to fake well rested. *These also work for anyone who isn't a mom, but who's always up late on their phone, scrolling their news feeds, obsessively checking email or binge watching their fav shows. 

1. Eye See

A while back, I was watching an actress, whose name I can't remember, being interviewed on set. What stayed with me was that she was wearing these white stick-on pads under her eyes the entire time. In a very matter-of-factly kind of way. No joke. Thought the whole thing was weird, until I actually tried these Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gel pads myself. After using them four out of seven days (They recommend using them once a week or as needed. I need them more than once a week, ok?), I wanted to run out and literally buy a case because they made the delicate skin under my eyes look way better (aka, fewer shadows, less crinkles). And you only need to leave them on for about 10 minutes tops. I mean, you can drank at least one coffee while checking your emails and unloading the dishwasher in that time, right?

*Also a gift for anyone who's been slacking and not using their eye cream on the reg. 

2. Helloooo, Aloe

Whenever I'm sleep deficient, my skin turns on me. Oilier t-zone. Blotchy & ruddy city. Dry patches. Sad to say that a lot of face mists I've tried to help remedy this have only irritated, making the whole situation worse. Then, I found this Cool Aloe Mist in one of my bathroom drawers recently and turns out, it's a miracle in a blue glass apothecary bottle. Originally intended for those oops moments after you realize you've spent too much time shaking and baking in the sun without reapplying sunscreen (That's why I originally bought it last summer.), I love it as a pre-treatment before putting one drop of makeup on. The end result is even, instantly moisturized, and non-greasy face time, the perfect canvas for any base, BB/CC cream, concealer or highlighter - because if I'm being really real here, everyone looks way cuter with some kind of spackle. Great lighting doesn't hurt either - remember that next time someone's trying to snap away.

*Besides doing double duty, this mist is made with organic ingredients and is local by way of Portsmouth, RI. A few great spots to shop it and the rest of the Farmaesthetics line - Evolve Apothecary on Hope Street, the OH Spa at The Ocean House in Watch Hill, and the newly revamped Retreat (Spa) at The Inn at Castle Hill.

3. Brush Up

The right foundation brush can make a major difference when applying  any of the aforementioned face makeup, BB/CC cream or tinted moisturizer to help further flatter. Especially if you're not a YouTube beauty vlogger or prof makeup artist. Or you can't afford to hire any of those peeps. Afterwards, you might even find that you don't want, or need, to bother with any photoshop or Facetune. (Btw, beware any filters that give the face an otherworldly glow - that's a dead giveaway.) In addition, with a brush (I'm partial to the mini blender by Giorgio Armani Beauty.), you end up using a lot less product, so you're going to save money by not having to restock as frequently.

Now, add your favorite mascara, blush and lip gloss and you're ready to G-O.


Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: Skyn, Farmaesthetics, and Giorgio Armani photos courtesy of Pinterest. Thumbnail image licensed via SquareSpace/Getty Images.