There’s A Scenic Tour Of Newport That’s Perf For You & Your Fave Person

Newport is touted as America’s first resort. A seaside retreat where barons of industry erected gilded mansions that beckon travelers from far and wide. Also lauded as the Sailing Capital of the World, Newport hosts numerous regattas and regales visitors with wharf-front dining and shopping. The city is rich with military history, too, from the Naval Academy to Miantonomi Memorial Park to Fort Adams. Featuring world renown attractions like the Touro Tower, the Portuguese Discovery Monument, and the International Tennis Hall of Fame, day-trippers and out-of-towners alike are appeased. Vanity Fair even covered Newport’s Annual Alien Abduction Support Group. Where else can you witness trustafarians undisturbed in their natural habitat?


In a city with so much to offer, where does one begin? 

With a bird’s eye view, of course!


We are a family of Gemini’s (three under a single roof…never a dull moment!). When so many gift-giving opportunities line up like that, you have to get creative! (Did I mention a graduation, too?)

So, I recently gifted tickets for helicopter tour of Newport and was invited along.  


I can’t think of a better way to take in Newport’s resplendent vistas, ocean views and preserved charm. Our pilot, Forrest, was knowledgeable and funny. He was able to answer our questions, like what was that unfamiliar sight in the water as we crossed the bridge. (It was an oyster farm.) He also taught us a thing or two. Did you know people ship their yachts to Newport? That’s right, they put a boat on top of another boat like a Matryoshka doll. 

We also learned about Dutch Island and that we could see Martha’s Vineyard on such a clear day. Forrest told us he sometimes spots dolphins or whales. We didn't see any on this trip but were able to enjoy much of Newport’s history and  beauty in a single afternoon.  

If you, too, are in the throes of (wedding/graduation/birthday/anniversary) gift-giving season or want to book your own adventure, click HERE.   

About Christina

Christina is life-long Rhode Islander who has been dedicated to mission-driven human services work.  A mother of two, she recycles, composts, and runs her household with solar energy.  An animal lover and a world traveler, this bon vivant  has jumped out of a plane, bungee jumped (twice!), ran over the Newport Bridge, swam across Narragansett Bay, and penguin plunged.