The Flower Farm That’s Ideal For All Your Summer Bouquet Pics


As we coast into what I’m going to call peak Sunflowers On Social Season around these parts (you know…that time of the Summer when your feed starts filling up with fotos of people suddenly and inexplicably standing out in the middle of a sunflower field, holding bunches of them, or at rustic tables decorated with - you guessed it - SUNFLOWERS), you may be in search of something, and some place, a little bit different.

With that in mind then, might I humbly suggest putting the petal to the metal and motoring over to the Dahlia Shed in Middletown. As I understand it, now (thru September) is the time when these babies are in full bloom.

Photo Courtesy Of The “Dahlia Shed” Instagram

Photo Courtesy Of The “Dahlia Shed” Instagram

Despite having an impressive following on Instagram (5K and growing) and gorgeous photos, I feel like a lot of locals outside of that neck of the woods aren’t aware of them quite yet.

First of all, you can go and pick up bunches of fresh dahlias from their self serve stand for all your summer bouquet snap needs - because being out in the middle of a flower field and actually PICKING on an especially hot, humid day only looks glam in those influencer photoshoots that are ubiquitous at this moment and time. Behind the scenes, it’s anything but…So, when the choice is picking up vs. picking (or in some cases, pretending to), you know what to do. (Please note in addition that they only take cash or local checks.)

Next, let me say a few words about the flower crown phenom. Up until yesterday, I would have said it’s more of a West Coast sorta thing, but then I saw that the Dahlia Shed had a diy class back in July for grownups and kids, which suddenly sounds like such a marvelous idea. I mean, besides Frida Kahlo or Liz at her first wedding to Richard Burton, who looks better in flower crowns than kiddos?

And again, dahlias, darn it! They are, after all, said to be a symbol of elegance, dignity, creativity, and inner strength.

You could also think of it this way: You’re not only differentiating yourself from the crowd, you could possibly be getting a jump on the next big flower trend on social.

***Dahlia Shed is located at 644 East Main Road in Middletown, RI.