You Can Design Your Own Donut At This Sweet Event At This PVD Hotel, & OMG

So many choices, so little time.

I mean, that’s what it feels like - especially when it comes down to picking which donut, coffee or sweet shop to hit on your next Sunday afternoon out and about with either your friends or your significant other.

Not to mention the fact that everyone has their go-to’s, places they are partial to (or married to, if you will) nowadays, so that enters into any decision-making drama too.

Well, with all that in mind, I’ve got some outstanding news that could be a complete game changer in terms of any upcoming weekend plans you may be mulling over at the moment.

The folks over at the Graduate Hotel are hosting a Downtown Donut Festival on September 29th from 11am to 3pm and all your favorites are (FINALLY) going to be under one roof.

Sure, OG coffee and donut destination Dave’s will be there. (I can remember when they were the one coffee shop set up on the ground floor of Galapagos boutique in Charlestown.)

Local Superstars PVDonuts and Knead also.

And yessssss, you can even design your own doughnut. (Imagine the Instagram possibilities!)

I know at this point, you’re probably thinking, how could it possibly get any better?

How about chocolate fountains and a veritable bonanza of coffee, brownie, and cookie samples ready and waiting for you and that person in your life who lives for the superlative sweets?

Yup, it’s the creme de la creme of the RI doughnut scene (Proud Mary’s from Riverside will also be there. If you haven’t tried theirs yet, prepare to be wow’ed…and wanting to drive over the bridge for some in the future.) and a whole lot more.

A full list of participating cafes, bake shops, beverage companies, breweries, and restaurants is also up on Eventbrite and you can check it out by clicking here.

So, gather your foodie friends - not to mention those who haven’t seen the newly renovated interior of the Graduate Providence because it looks AMAZING - and make a date for the 1st annual Downtown Donut Fest.

Tix are $10. They are limited. And they are, again, conveniently available via (Any time I can buy tickets from my phone, I’m there.)

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