White Hair, Blue Handbags, & Awesome Face Oil


The Upside of Aging and the Downside of Shopping 'Til You Drop

Seeing this picture again on Pinterest (It was originally part of a national J.Crew campaign from about 2 years ago) gives me hope that I might still be able to shop at J.Crew when I'm 60+ without looking like a complete and total fool. I mean in this shot, Linda Rodin, who is most definitely 60+, exemplifies the "classic with a twist" (code for classic without being boring) look that so many of us aspire to regardless of age.

Most important takeaway? You can almost never go wrong at any age when you combine a blazer, jeans, and heels.

PS - You should also know that Ms. Rodin is a sometime model, an in-demand stylist, and an innovator in the worlds of beauty and skincare. She created an oil back in 2007 (Rodin olio lusso face oil) that essentially kicked off the whole facial-oil-as-moisturizer trend that continues to  this day. Hers predates Josie Maran's, Bobbi Brown's and others. It almost makes me wish I had dry skin, so I could use it.


The takeaway here? If you're ever at a cocktail party with fancy people, name-drop Linda Rodin and her line of oils. Some of the fancies will be suitably impressed. (Rodin oil is after all carried at Barney's NYC.)

PPS - I ended up buying the blue bag in this picture once it went on sale and never used it, not even once. The blue was just a little too bright for my taste. Or maybe it was the shape? It didn't go to waste though—I'm currently using it as a 'divider' in my closet to separate my scarves, shawls, and wraps from some of my button-up shirts.

One of My Closets, circa 2014


The takeaway? Sure glad I don't work in a mall anymore. My mom always said it was equivalent to an alcoholic running a bar, and I suppose she was right.


*Photo Courtesy: Linda Rodin photo, J.Crew; Rodin Oil and Barney's photo, Pinterest.