This RI Native's Story Might Make You Appreciate Your Morning Commute

Ever daydreamed about picking up and relocating to NYC? (Maybe you're a fan of the show Younger on TV Land?) Or maybe you're planning that day trip or long weekend this Fall? Either way, you'll want to check out this native RI'ers take on big city life. Currently working in publishing (Her gig is vastly different from either Liza's or Kelsey's btw.), she's here to spill the bts (translation: behind the scenes) dirt, and today it's all about her morning commute. 

When it rains in New York, you might as well stay home. Well, that’s if you have that luxury. Not only is it disgusting, it's downright DANGEROUS!

As you know (hopefully), NYC is one of the most fashion forward cities in the world, so when I wake up, I try to look cute. (Constantly reminding myself on a daily basis that beauty is pain.)

Thursday, 8:00am - Weather app says 30% chance of rain, a hit or miss diagnosis. There's not too much risk wearing my brand new open-toed shoes, right?

9:30am - Subway Station. That 30% chance of rain just shot up to 100% about 15 minutes after I left my apartment, in other words, it was pouring. Have you ever experienced anything more disgusting than wearing open-toed shoes and having to stand in line at the bottom of the subway stairs in the rain?! Because I promise, you haven't. Imagine literally waiting in line to get soaked by a random torrential downpour while standing in filth. For lack of better words, F That!

It's frightening enough to walk the streets of Manhattan like a pro (topic for another day), add rain, and poof, all bets are off. I would also say that about 93% of people, give or take a few, are readily equipped with massive or extremely strange rain gear or umbrellas. (More on that coming up.)

9:45amI’m perpetually late for life, but have found the people here, the stressed and rushing corporate crowd of Manhattan (who are all probably late themselves for whatever their 'something' is) do not give an F - so there I am, just trying NOT to get poked in the eye or physically abused with an umbrella or strange rain gear during rain rush hour. In other words, rush hour in the rain is life threatening.

9:55am - 10 minutes later = whiplash from dodging my head and eyeballs out of the way, THANK JESUS I DIDN’T FORGET MY SUNGLASSES (and yes, I wear them rain or shine) because if I had forgotten them, I could have ended up blinded in my right eye.

Almost forgot to mention the puddles, yea let’s discuss that. I prefer to walk closest to the beautiful architecture in this weather because those crazy taxi drivers, well they don’t slow down in the rain. Walking close to the curb is a risk and what can be known as wardrobe suicide.

Did I mention I forgot my umbrella? Did I mention I was supposed to be at work by 9:30am?