Wake Up, Have Coffee, Stalk @25Park On Instagram

True Confession: I am not a morning person. And in case you're keeping track, I definitely don't miss the days at my old job when I had to wake up at 4 or 5am for early am meetings or pep rallies. Not peppy at 6am and never will be. #HittingThatSnoozeButton (Don't get me started about the time I actually got left behind after an early morning rally out of state and had to chase down the bus going back to PVD. All while dressed in heels and a long coat.) 

That being said, I won't meet anyone anywhere before 9am these days. That being said, here are a few other things that make my mornings way better now:

1. Coffee 

Some of you are probably rolling your eyes about now and saying 'What else is new?' Wait - there's more: Yes, I have always loved my coffee (sometimes too much), but recently, I met a friend (You'll see her here on PattyJ.com soon!) at Seven Stars on Broadway and was reminded of how cool it is there and how much I missed latte art. Art aside, however, the latte was so good I broke my current 1 cup a day rule and ended up having 2 - one before my friend Mandy arrived and another once we sat down. Java Jolt.

Latte Art at Seven Stars

Latte Art at Seven Stars

2. Stalking the @25Park account on Instagram 

Yes, "they" may not be based in RI, but I can't get enough of @25Park on Instagram. (Only a few days ago I realized this account is actually tied to a boutique on 25 Park Ave in NYC. Uh, Duh.) They usually have the funniest posts that I promise you have not been done to death by everyone else on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook. If you want a laugh (Isn't it always better to start the morning laughing?) or you're just looking for stuff to regram that will get beaucoup likes, check them out.

And I'm also on Instagram @PattyJDotCom. 📲🎆📷

Highly Regrammable Post From @25Park

3.Some Balm Dotcom by Glossier

I stumbled upon the beauty blog Into The Gloss a few years ago and have been reading it religiously ever since. If founder Emily Weiss recommended something, I'd usually buy and try it. (That's how I started using the best razor that doesn't give me bumps or razor burn ever, aka the  Mach 3 Sensitive.) Anyway, ITG and Emily have come out with their own skincare line called Glossier. I logged on to order it the very first day it was available. Just so I could have #BraggingRights

Then not long after that, I got stung by a bee. Uh, OUCH! The sting (or site of it) went on to swell up and itch like cray crazy. I took a chance and put some of Glossier's Balm Dotcom on it this morning and now (Surprise!) no more itch. Here's another idea: You could use this as your go-to lip balm this winter. Or to soften your cuticles anytime of year. 

Glossier's Phase 1 Kit, which I ordered because I'm basically an ITG groupie, also includes a primer/moisterizer, a soothing face mist and a perfecting skin tint. If you have dry or combination dry skin, check it out. True Story: Even though I'm old-ish (not 25), my skin's still a little too oily for the primer and tint. The soothing face mist is A-OK though, even to prep your skin before BB cream or foundation. 

Stickers, Balm DotCom and Postcard, all from Glossier

Stickers, Balm DotCom and Postcard, all from Glossier

And Emily Weiss, if you're reading this, I'd still give one of my kidneys to be featured on Into The Gloss.


Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo credits: All photos (except for 25 Park related one) courtesy of PattyJ.com