I Love Men, A Guest Blog

If you've ever been in love with a man, then today's guest blog is a must read. Written by my friend Parker, who's crammed about 100 lives (and counting) into one lifetime. She's a yogi (That's how we first met.), a writer/blogger, a rock n' roll badass and a modern day philosopher. She writes about all those things and so much more on her blog MsParker911.WordPress.com, where today's guest blog originally appeared. So, read it and weep....errrr, I mean ENJOY! #Wink


I love men, the way they say what they mean and mean what they say till they don’t mean it anymore. 

The way they smell, the way they swell, the stories they tell to get you on the floor wanting more. Oh yes, I love men.

Ones that aren’t afraid to take a punch, eat you out for lunch, stare deep into your eyes, prepare ourselves for the goodbyes. Oh, yes, you know I love men. 

Men that smoke cigars, the ones that drive fast cars, bang on their guitars, a shootout for the stars, I love men.  

Some have a certain swagger, they watch you as you stagger, their eyes are just a dagger, straight into your heart…I’ve loved Men. 

It’s a dirty job but they do it, they wipe their brows, they push through it, they know that they can do it, won’t give up until they blew it and even still…….Screw it, I still love men.

They way they half listen, they way they full glisten, the way they taste, the time they waste, The boys, their toys, all that beautiful noise…and when it’s still….. I love men, even then, I love men.  

They way they go on patrol, the way they try to take control, I beg them to give me parole , “Let me out on good behavior", You know I’m no saint and you sure as hell ain’t “MY” savior. Don’t hold back, Don’t do me a favor, cause you know…… I love men. 

They keep their eyes on the prize, they way they hold back their cries, believe their own lies, strap their helmets on, crash between my thighs, cut me down to sighs, and still I rise and realize, oh how I love Men.

More About Parker:

Parker Lorenzo is a flow creator, a mischievous maverick, a crowd motivator and a smile spreader.  When not writing, she is thinking about writing or reading someone else's writing.  She has won two prestigious awards in her life one for Demolition Derby and the other for Playwriting, both were equally painful. She hopes to leave here with less than she came and more than she knows.


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