Our Awesome Holiday Guide: How To Get What You Really


Here's what to buy for yourself while you're supposed to be out shopping for everyone else. I call it the 'One for You and Five for Me' philosophy. No wants to admit it, but this really is the secret to having the merriest of holidays. 

1. Tofino Boots by Sorel

One of the most stylish ways to face the crummy weather. Just think of all the pricey (and sometimes irreplaceable) leather shoes and boots you're saving from ruin when you buy and wear these. 

2. Fujifilm Instant Mini 8 Camera

Instant pix are hot again. And not just because T. Swift included a stack in her recent 1989 CD. I used them on Facebook and Instagram way before her btw. #CopyCat 

3. Trish McEvoy Brushes

Trish McEvoy - and Bobbi Brown - both make kick-ass brush sets. You need at least one in your life. Especially because your makeup looks better and lasts longer when you use high quality brushes. Find similar sets on their sites. 

4. MakeUp Forever Full Cover

A good concealer is essential. If you don't have one in your holiday survival kit, you're setting yourself up for all those 'You look tired' (aka, You look like crap.) remarks . Nicole (Tutalo, not Richie) swears this one is the best ever, but I'm still partial to Fake Up by Benefit. Whatever, Whatever, Whatevs. 

5. J.Crew Fingerless Gloves

I bought these in grey and black this year. They're great for keeping your hands warm while you're texting or checking your FB and Instagram. They also have a cool retro 80's vibe. (And they stand the test of time much better than, say, neon pink sweatshirts, which I am guilty of wearing back in the day. Cringe.)

Happy Shopping!

PS - Trust me on this. I do it every year.