Radio & Rainy Days: Put Down The Flipping Sweatpants & Read This!

Yesterday, I had the chance to sit down and chat about this blog and the Merry Christmas WaterFire with the truly amazing and lovely Bronwyn Dannenfelser. On the radio. She's the Director of Resource Development for WaterFire Prov and one of the hosts of WaterFire Ignites RI on WPRV AM790. (Thx again Bronwyn!)

Tip: Go to the Merry Christmas WaterFire this year. It's Dec. 19th in Providence. If you're not in the Christmas spirit, it will get you there. #PinkySwear If you're already in the spirit, you'll enjoy it that much more and have such a blast. It's a win-win. Definitely. 

Btw, in case you missed any of the show, this is a link to the pod cast. Don't you just love technology?

Not gonna lie, I was a tiny bit nervous before we went on the air...

TipIt may NOT be the best idea to drink 2 Venti Lattes and take Advil Cold & Sinus in the hours before you are scheduled to be live on the radio. Can you say jittery?

Also, it can be quite the challenge to look cute when the weather is cold, grey and rainy (as it was yesterday), but I recommend making the effort - even if you're on the radio and the audience can't see you. For the record, I straightened my hair, wore makeup (including mascara) and put on my best sweater-skinny jean-boot based ensemble. 

So, whenever you're faced with a dreary day, I say - Put down those sweatpants!

Karl knows...After all, he is the creative director of Chanel, Fendi and his own label.

Karl knows...After all, he is the creative director of Chanel, Fendi and his own label.

Tip: Sweatpants = Schlumpy  And when you look schlumpy, you feel schlumpy too! Make the effort to put your best face, outfit and foot forward. Always. You'll thank me later.

And speaking of feet, I'm so glad I bought my Stuart Weitzman high heel ankle booties way back in August. I wore them to the studio yesterday. With a Vince sweater and a pair of dark skinny denim. They're super stylish and comfortable. They're also water resistant, which I figured out only after buying and bringing them home. How great is that? The perfect cute ankle boot that you can wear in the crummy weather.

Tip: There's no shortage of stormy days this time of year, especially in RI, so make sure you have at least 1-2 pairs of boots or booties you can wear out and about that won't get ruined when they get wet. Extra points if they have a heel you can walk in.



Now, since life isn't only about looking cute, there's one more thing - The Merry Christmas WaterFire showcases and benefits a local charity called The Providence Rescue Mission, which serves 4 meals a day every single day to hungry people in Providence and does a whole lot more. During Christmas, they collect new, unwrapped toys and children's clothes for local families in need. You may bring donations to the WaterFire on the 19th or directly to the Mission at 627 Cranston St., Prov, RI, 02907, during regular business hours. Please contact Sean M. Carew, Executive Director, at 401-274-8861 for more information.



PS - Remember to look out for the sponsored Christmas Tree on the 19th! When WaterFire is over, the tree will be delivered to a family in Providence to decorate and enjoy. Interested in sponsoring a tree? Contact Corinne Barber at or (401) 273-1155, ext. 140.