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Pure Barre'ing It With Jaime Sweeney

Today, we're chatting with Jaime, co-owner of Pure Barre RI. Pretty psyched to be able to bring you our video blog with her because I'm such a huge fan of PB and have been taking classes at their Cranston location since last January. My niece Nicole and I started with their New Client Special, a $100 for one month of unlimited classes. I highly recommend it because PB (a 55 minute workout set to music, involving a ballet barre and emphasizing small movements) has helped to change my life and by change my life, what I mean to say is that I probably would NOT be wearing high rise skinny jeans these days if I were not taking class @ PB. 

True Story: No one was more surprised than me when I saw results after the first 2-3 weeks, namely, muscle definition in my arms and stomach that had never been there before. Later, my sister told my niece she thought my legs looked smaller. (God forbid she tell me!) One of the biggest compliments I received though was after the first few months of regular classes (You should go min 2-3 times a week to see changes in your body. Some weeks, I've gone 5-6, but that's really not necessary to make an impact.) - Someone saying something about how I could get away with wearing boyfriend jeans because I'm not hip-y. Now, to understand what a big deal this was (and is), you should know that only a few years earlier, a girl I worked with was telling me I should get breast implants to balance out my figure since I had such a curvaceous bottom half. Btw, that girl recently sent me a 'Connection' request on LinkedIn. Wonder if she's noticed how Pure Barre-tiful I'm looking these days?

So, if you're interested in getting it together and wearing your skinny jeans without a butt covering long sweater in 2015 or you've always been curious about Pure Barre, watch this: 


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 Pure Barre RI has 2 locations - Cranston at Chapel View and East Greenwich in the East Greenwich Square Retail Center.

Follow them on Facebook at  Pure Barre Cranston or Pure Barre East Greenwich.

Jaime is a coffee drinker. Here are her fav places for coffee when she's out and about:

Brewed Awakenings 

Felicia's Coffee

Jaime's Theme Song:

Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor)