RI Restaurant Stories: Let's Talk Cocktails, Choc Cake And Crowns

The truth is I've been dying to go to Besos ever since I saw it on an episode of Game Of Crowns (the RI based reality show about Mrs. America contestants and the drama that swirls around them) on Bravo. 

And for the record, I don't believe when people say they don't watch reality tv. I find that once you get them going, "they" are able to name way too many reality shows - and way too many reality stars - for people who claim to never ever watch. #IThinkYouProtestTooMuch

Another thing I find suspicious is when people claim to never indulge in anything besides kale smoothies, kale salads or whatever. (Kale was a HUGE healthy food trend this year. I'll only partake of it when it's part of a smoothie that includes lots of other yummy ingredients like apple, bananas or blueberries. Not a fan.) I mean no one eats healthier than my friend S. and I, but sometimes, you just want pizza and chocolate cake, which is exactly what we had last night.

FYI: I don't have a decent blog worthy pix of the pizza or the choice cake because we inhaled it all before I could remember to snap a shot on my I-Phone 6 Plus - which is THE best thing I've invested in in ages. Love is not strong enough of a word. 

Besides the phone, highly recommending that pizza, the cake and coffee from last night. Our waitress was also super nice and checked in on us regularly...Don't you hate when you go to a restaurant and your waitress (or waiter) disappears when you desperately need that refill on your water or coffee or another napkin? Me too! Even worse, when they start out all friendly and in your face, then, go MIA. Not the case at Besos! We left her a generous tip too - even S. agreed that the service was outstanding. Don't tell her I told you this, but S. can sometimes be a 'tough customer'. Shhhhhhhhhh 

Speaking of S., wish I had a few pix of her to show you, but she's forbidden me to post any of her on the blog. (She'll come around!) She did help me take some of these though:

Btw, did I mention that the decor @ Besos is home-y and welcoming? It reminds me of a mashup of Martha Stewart (I used to watch her show on Lifetime before I fell asleep at night. I found it relaxing to watch her gardening or cooking - 2 things I happily do only on rare occasions.) meets a Pinterest Board ...Uh, raise your hand if you go on Pinterest binges and can waste an hour 'Pinning' pictures of furniture, rooms and houses you'll probably never ever own because you spent all your money on clothes, shoes and makeup...Me too! 


Happy Cocktails, Choc Cake Eating And Reality TV Watching, 



Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of #PattyJDotCom