4 Favs: The Fat Brown Dog Edition

Photo Of Sparky Courtesy Of Mary Campbell

Photo Of Sparky Courtesy Of Mary Campbell

Sparky is the fat brown dog from Tennessee.

He’s also a rescue dog. According to his bio, he was previously owned by an old lady who was going into a nursing home and could no longer care for him, but I’m so not buying that. It reminds me of the used-car salesman's story about about how the car you happen to be looking at was owned by a little old lady who drove it only on Sundays to get to church.

We may never know Sparky’s real back story, but we do know a few things that he loves (that have also helped make his transition up North much easier):

1. Hula Lula JerkyTreats

These are hand made, close by in Marblehead, MA, and available either online or at Whole Foods. Sparky prefers either the chicken or beef versions. He does not like the salmon ones—I have yet to meet a dog who does actually. (But there must be dogs that do or they wouldn’t make them, right?) The best part about these treats? They don’t contain any additives or preservatives. No yucky stuff. They’re essentially dried meat (or fish). That’s it.

2. Toasted Udi Bread

Sparky enjoys a slice of this gluten-free bread for breakfast a few times a week. He insists on butter. I happen to like my Udi toast with a little almond butter and Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves. (Pleasantly surprised to find that Target now carries Bonne Maman. #HighlyRecommend)

3. Orange Vegetables

Like his fellow Southerner Billy Bob Thornton, Sparky gravitates to orange food. In particular, he’s a big fan of carrots and sweet potatoes. Though not a vegetarian dog (Is there such a thing?), he’ll frequently have a side of carrots or sweet potatoes with his chicken or beef for dinner.

4. Spa Channel on SiriusXM Satelite Radio

I’d much rather listen to 80s on 8 or First Wave, but the Sparkster is partial to Spa. He finds it relaxing. In fact, his absolute favorite way to spend a hot summer afternoon is indoors with Spa and the A/C cranked. #Woof