We're Gonna Rock Down To Organic Avenue

Being obnoxiously healthy and doing an Aloe Vera shot on the streets of NYC…

Psych'ing Myself Up

Psych'ing Myself Up

You may be asking ‘Why Aloe shots?’

I say ‘Why Not?’

Some swear that drinking raw Aloe helps with digestion, strengthens the immune system and leaves you feeling fantastic.

And I’m a believer.


Grey Regent Blazer from J.Crew
(It was chilly in NYC – So glad I brought and layered this wool blazer.) 

Vintage Coach Bag
(Classic bag bought a dozen years ago before Coach went thru their ‘we’re slapping logos on everything’ phase.)

Aloe Vera Shot By Organic Avenue 
(Wish we had an Organic Avenue back in RI!)