B.O. - Don't Let It Happen To You!

Ava Organic Deodorant

Ava Organic Deodorant

About a year ago, I had a bad reaction to my regular deodorant. Long story short, I was out to eat with someone when my armpits started itching like cray cray crazy. #WTF

That's when I started searching for something new. Something without aluminum and other ingredients (found in most drugstore brands) that I thought might be irritating my pits. 

Sounds easy.

Trust me, it's not. 

First of all, it's extremely difficult to find a formula without aluminum and stuff. Second, once you find a few, they may not work at all. In other words, after showering and applying, a few hours later, you might find that you do in fact have BO. Yes, body odor. The one thing I've worked diligently NOT to have since I was probably 11 or 12 years old. Grrrrrrrrr

So, let's just say I've tried most of the alternatives to the mainstream formulas - including crystals, sprays, and creams galore - with (to put it diplomatically) varying degrees of success.Now, I hear certain celebrities (#Sting) don't wear deodorant or anti-perspirant of any kind, but honestly, I'm not famous enough or rich enough to get away with having BO.

What to do?

That's when my friend Deb told me about the Ava Anderson Deodorant she'd ordered from a friend of hers. Like me, Deb had sworn off deodorant with aluminum and had been searching and trying, trying and searching with little to no luck. She told me THIS one smelled great (It does have a minty scent with a pleasant undertone of what I swear to gosh is cocoa. The scent is so good it even gets thumbs up from both my mom and my friend Mary who are tough customers.). And oh yeah, it actually worked.

Absolutely positively NO BO! 

Uh, yay.

That's why I went to an 'Ava Hour' recently (last weekend), hosted by the lovely and amazing Patricia Bastia and ordered the Deodorant as well as the Ava Pet Deodorizer, an essential when you have a 2 month old GoldenDoodle visiting your house daily. (Draw your own conclusions. I used it today to clean up Louie's poop btw.) They offer lots of other things too, including makeup, a Men's line and one for babies. 

Little Louie

Little Louie

But Wait - There's More....

I almost forget to mention that there really is someone named Ava Anderson, she's from RI and her namesake company's headquarters are located in nearby EP (That's East Providence to be exact.), where they currently manufacture many of their products.

Yup, they are LOCAL.


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Check out local Ava Rep Patricia Bastia's FB Page Peace, Love And Wellness and her web site www.avaandersonnontoxic.com/patricia for more info.