YouTube SuperStar: It's RI's Own Charlie The Labradoodle

My mom has a friend who likes to show her all the funny YouTube videos of cats and dogs that are trending. About a week or two ago, my mom's friend had a new clip in her rotation - it was a dog sitting in salon chair, wearing a cape, and getting a haircut. The funny part was how calm and blasé this dog was about the whole thing. Haircut? No. Biggie. Woof.

Turns out that dog, Charlie the Labradoodle, now a YouTube Superstar with hits in the millions, belongs to my friends Melanie Mello and Jonathan Williams (co-owners of fabulous WIL.O Hair Design on 2197 Broad St., Cranston, RI, 02905). I had no idea! What started out as a quick trim to fix a bad cut that a groomer had given Charlie - taped on a smart phone - has now become an online and media sensation. Melanie and Jonathan had originally shown the video to friends and later, posted it to Facebook on a lark, only to wake up the next day to see thousands of likes and shares. From there, the video was shared by a radio station (outside the U.S.) and ended up going viral

Check out the pix below of our exclusive meet and greet with Melanie, Jonathan, Buster (Charlie's brother) and of course, Charlie last week: 

If you haven't seen the video yet (It's been featured on everything from HuffPost to Buzz Feed to Inside Edition.), check it out right here:

Things are happening so fast for Charlie! And that can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. Here's our exclusive video of Charlie and his-soon-to-be-a-star-himself-brother Buster hiding out from adoring fans and paparazzi in Pawtuxet Village last week. It's not easy being an overnight superstar folks. #YouTubeFamous 

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