Life In The Front Row: The Fleetwood Mac Edition

So last night, I got to see Fleetwood Mac live...from the front row.

Not gonna lie, everything's better in the front row.

I mean I actually got to touch Lindsey Buckingham's hand. A lifelong dream since I was "like" 8 years old and would listen to my brother's copy of Rumours over and over. (See the blog all about my other Fleetwood Mac obsession, Stevie Nicks, by clicking here.) 

Speaking of which, attention 20 year old girl in the front row with the copy of the Rumours album and a sharpie, so you could get Lindsey's autograph on the album, I bet you bought that record at Urban Outfitters. But I'm NOT jealous or bitter because I didn't think to do that. I swear. (In case you don't already know, record albums and turntables are hip again and sold these days at Urban and elsewhere.)

Now, before I forget everything due to excitement and exhaustion (Standing on your tiptoes and screaming at the top of your lungs for 3 hours straight is tiring, especially at my age. I credit Pure Barre for my being able to stand like that, in case you're at all wondering. #Strong), here are a few more things you really should know about last night:

  • The one time I decide to leave my bag (and I-Phone 6 Plus) in the car is when I'm sitting in the front row for one of my fav bands ever. Guy next to me got so many primo shots of Lindsey and Stevie. (The shots above were taken by my brother on his Blackberry and his college friend, both huge fans of The Mac.)
  • There are apparently no more opening acts. That tells you the last time I've been to a real concert. 
  • Stevie Nicks sounds a-mazing live these days. And don't you dare let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • You will see lots of mothers (and a few mother-daughter duos) dressed up like Stevie. Shawls with fringe. Flow-y skirts. Boots. The whole sha-bang.
  • But no one else can rock a platform high heel ankle boot - or top hat - like Stevie. No one!
  • Christine McVie, who has rejoined the band after being away 16 yrs, looks swell.
  • You haven't lived until you've sung along with 9,499 of your closest friends to Landslide.
  • I take back everything I said previously about how men should never ever wear skinny jeans. It works for Lindsey. Big time. (But only for him and maybe a handful of other guys who are in phenomenal shape.) 
  • There are 20 year old Lindsey Buckingham (female) groupies. Whatever.
  • There are also 55-60 yr old (male) Stevie Nicks groupies. 
  • Some old dude said I looked too young to be a Mac fan. (Had to throw that in.)
  • Worth repeating, I touched Lindsey's hand. And his ankle. 
  • And finally, phenomenal rendition of Silver Springs by Stevie during the 1st of 2 encores, a song that btw I'd like to dedicate to every idiot out there who's ever broken my heart.

Ciao from the Front Row,

Patty J

PS - A special thank you to the person or people in the 2nd row who spilt beer on my black full length Max Mara coat. Made in Italy dammit. Thanks for nothing!