Behind The Scenes With Brooke: Quick And Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching and the costume parties and events start as soon as this weekend. So pretty much at this point even if you want a boring manufactured costume, the good ones are sold out.

Here Comes The Challenge...

How do you get multiple costume ideas on a budget with barely any time to shop? The solution is to meet your stylist friend on your lunch hour to hit up 2 awesome vintage shops in Providence! This is exactly what my friend Elizabeth Stone of Mint Leaf Media and I did on Monday afternoon to put together quick costume ideas for her many events.

our first stop was what Cheer Records + Vintage on Thayer Street. Usually my go-to for vintage and hard to find records, but what they have so much more to offer! The store is packed with vintage clothing, accessories, and jewelry as well as tons of amazing antiques. 

Here are a few of our finds:

  • Jackie O. with a woven dress and jacket and a pillbox hat
  • Caddy Shack with a seersucker plaid suit and funny straw fedora
  • Vintage Tea Party with a polka dot dress, tea cups, and bow hat
  • Classic Christmas Tree with vintage ornaments and green floral fabric

Some other items from the store that will put your costume over the edge - vintage eyeglasses, hats, fabric, and bling!

Even if you don't need a costume, do some holiday shopping at What Cheer's Black Friday Record Store Day on November 27th. Also, check out one of the Rock And Roll Yard Sale events they organize in RI and MA.

Next, we went to Carmen and Ginger at the Arcade. Super cute and incredibly well organized, this store is perfect for those who want to look and live in vintage styling.

Here's what we found there:

  • Velma from Scooby Doo with an orange turtleneck and pleated or tweed 1970's skirt or dress
  • Waitress (inspired by Flo from Alice) with a waitress uniform and apron
  • Disco with a sparkle tube top and mini skirt and shiny pleated blouse or dress
  • Flower Child with a patchwork vest, floral shirt, and pant
  • Pajama Party (Beach Blanket Bingo style) with a baby doll nightgown

We also found - and LOVED - the vintage boots, scarves, hats, and bags.

For more vintage and Carmen and Ginger scores, attend the Urban Vintage Bazaar this Saturday, October 24th, organized by the owner of C&G. In addition to the stores in the Arcade, there will be a bunch of vintage booths set up by other vendors from around town. It's a fun event and not to be missed by any vintage lovers out there.

Also, if you're interested in knowing more about my awesome friend Elizabeth Stone, check out her website and sign up for her amazingly helpful $5/month social media tips and tricks newsletter. Seriously, sooooooo worth it!


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Brooke Goldstein