My RI Life: Career Coach Shemika Moore

I’m a Southern-Bostonian Belle born in Carrollton, GA, raised in Boston, MA and currently transplanted in Providence, RI. I’m someone who’s always active some way, somehow in the volunteer-world-of-giving-back by giving my time since middle school age. I got involved by serving on community organization boards, such as The Providence In-Town Churches Association, Rhode Island Young Professionals, and NAACP Providence Branch. Volunteering has always just been a passion (in my blood), something I “just” do and have always enjoyed. Who honestly doesn’t like giving back to our communities?

Restaurants And Food

Okay, soooooooooo I’m VERY indecisive when it comes to choosing restaurants! I usually make my friends choose and when they push back, it takes me a minute - more like a couple of hours - to decide where we should go and eat. My poor friends! (But they do NOT starve while I’m thinking.) So, there are a couple places where I love to eat:

The first is …CAV Restaurant in Providence.

I love truly love the environment of CAV. What’s not to love about it? From the excellent customer service to the beautiful décor (pristine African Ceremonial Art and warm environment) and yummy food makes you want to stay for hours! Usually, my bestie and I will go there for Sunday Brunch and I have had several birthday parties there. I cannot choose my fav dish (of course!), but I say just go often and try a different dish each time.

Next, is Bob & Timmy’s Grilled Pizzalocated on Federal Hill in Providence. I honestly believe I have ordered out every single one of their wood grilled pizzas (not all at once, but yes I have tried every grilled pizza they have). The environment is very friendly and what girl doesn’t love a GREAT pizza! You should definitely stop by and grab a pizza or two.


Don’t laugh! I’m that person that watches HGTV all (and I mean ALL) day long. Also, I’m such an office supplies, planner and journal junkie. And I’m all about giving back to the community and supporting non-profits, so here are some of my favorite shopping spots that won't make my bank account cry but will make an impact (in local communities) with the dollars I spend on decorating my apartment:

Recycling for RI Education is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational and environmental organization located off of Elmwood Avenue in Providence. A teacher friend told me about this place. I thought it was only for teachers. But, it’s NOT! You can purchase an individual membership and shop for items at a very low price compared to our big-box supplies stores. You can find notebooks, journals, pens, paint, ribbon, fabric, books to read, binders, sticky notes, and so on. Oh, plus you can buy some awesome (and unique) art supplies for those Pinterest projects on your to-do list.

The Thrift Store at Jonnycake Center of Westerly features a large collection of gently used items. You will find clothing for the whole family. There’s furniture for every room and budget. Best of all, there are new items and clothing put out every day. Daily sales are posted on their Facebook. (Never hurts to save several dollars, then grab some paint and make the items purchased from the store YOURS and a reflection of your style.)


Besides loving to decorate, organize, and serve the community, I’m a Career Coach and Employer Relations Developer at Dorcas International, who eagerly seeks new challenges to transition those I coach into a career and life that they will love. My own career path has had twists and turns, which I share with those I coach. My coaching style is:


I like to suggest to my clients to take some time for some BIG creative daydreaming, and visualize about their future.

And as we come closer to the end of the year, it's a great time to reflect on what we have accomplished over the past ten months, and also to set goals for the upcoming New Year. Plus, it's not too late to achieve some of your 2015 goals. We still have the remainder of October, November, and December to excel in our personal and professional lives. Do not wait! Start NOW.

Here are some simple but powerful steps to take:

1.     Set Your Goals for the Next 2 Months
Come up with three things that you would like to accomplish within the next two months. Be sure that they are realistic and attainable. Next, write them down. I like to journal and use my daily planner, so I set deadlines in my electronic and paper planners. I also like to print pictures that reflect my goals and place them throughout my journal and planner.

2.     Celebrate Your Achievements
It’s never too early to celebrate! Take some time to reflect on what you have accomplished at this point in 2015. What were some major goals that you set and achieved? What were some unexpected accomplishments that you can pat yourself on the back for? It's important to pause and to give yourself the credit you deserve, so that you can use that as motivation to keep moving forward. 

3.     Picture YOUR Future
Take some time for some BIG creative daydreaming, and visualize about your future. What's your dream career? A business owner? An event planner? A blogger? A professional motivator and speaker? With your ultimate goal in mind, design some steps you can take at this point in time to put yourself closer to realizing that dream. Taking small steps first makes that impossible seem like a real possibility

“I run with purpose in every step.” (1 Corinthians 9:26a NLT)

Lastly, RUN FREE in 2016!

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Photo Credits: Pictures of CAV, Bob & Timmy's Pizza, and the Thrift Store at the Johnnycake Center are courtesy of Google Images; All others are courtesy of Shemika Moore