Italian Style: The Secrets Of Dressing And Living 'The Italian Way'


Meet the Francesca B. of the fashion blog She's a fashion writer from Tuscany who now makes her home in the US (in Miami Beach) and blogs boldly on how (and how NOT) to dress, and live, 'the Italian way'. Watch for her book The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style coming soon, but in the meantime, check out her very first blog for us.


A Few Things About Me

I am so Italian I don't even know how much.

I have lived in Miami long enough to think it's normal that peacocks cross the streets.

I still switch my wardrobe from summer to winter and vice versa, defying popular beliefs that "we don't have winter here". (To find out more about Francesca's 'September Challenge' and the wardrobe switch, click here.)

I speak with my hands (and) if you make me notice it, I lose my train of thought.

There's a me before and after my morning coffee. You don't want to meet my 'before'.

I breathe Fashion since, as a kid, I used to live in my grandmother's armoire as a Narnia princess.

I have a knack for being a suffragette of Italian style - no woman should suffer again from bandage dress and wedges syndrome.


A Few Of My Favorite Places In Miami

Food And Restaurants

Panther Coffee in Wynwood: (They have) An antique copper toasting machine, the sound which reminds me of when I used to go to la torrefazione with my grandfather to get the family's weekly supply of our miscela Arabica. We train them from the very beginning.

Jugo Fresh in Sunset Harbor, Miami Beach: The best cold pressed juices. Their Friday's milk & raw choc chip cookies bring your inner child out again.

Bianco Gelato in Coconut Grove: They are Italian and they make gelato, no other caption needed.

My Ceviche in Miami Beach when I crave ceviche and their zestiest pop-corns.

Cecconi at Soho Beach House for the very picky Italian in me - It never fails.

Pumpkin Spice 

There are some pivotal dates in Miami Beach that need to be known if you want to be considered a local. October is like New Year's, the rebirth of the town and its glory, when temperatures become tolerable again. Right before Halloween, two things kick-off the season: Lincoln Road Antique and Collectable Market every other Sunday and the reopening of seasonal Joe's Stone Crabs. You know the Italian Sunday stroll that goes from mass, to the piazza for the newspaper, coffee, chat, soccer rivalry discussion, your best clothes and ends at the pasticceria to buy fresh pastries for Sunday's dessert? The Miami Beach version is: flea market stroll, Books & Books for NYT Sunday edition and Joe's take-away. 

Shopping...I am an online shopper, guilty as charged. Miami has these two fabulous and unique malls, at Bal Harbour and Design District's Palm Courts. It's the Fifth Avenue, or Montenapoleone (Milan), of the city, easy breezy for the wealthy or for 'wiping your eyes off with beauty', my version of window shopping that nurtures the soul...I have (also) resuscitated a long time dormant love story with consignment stores, independent Easy designers, local creatives, and boutiques. 

Style...Lately I have been vocal about an essentialism approach to shopping and de-cluttering because really, Italian style is environmentally friendly and sustainable. I could go all eco on you talking about slow (vs. fast) fashion, but I shall stop here not to sound like the priestess of 'the Italian way' on repeat. 

Let me express my gratitude to Patty who is being a most gracious hostess at handling with poise my blabber and you guys for reading all the way through here.




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Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Francesca B., except for the gelato, Panther Coffee, and Cecconi which are courtesy of Google Images.