Coffee Break: 3 More Local Places To Get Outstanding Coffee

Besides free WiFi and good lighting, when I'm out and about in RI, and the surrounding areas, I'm always on the lookout for fantastic coffee. Some restaurants have it and sadly, some do not (For the record, we don't spotlight those here. I mean do we really need more negativity online and in our Rhody lives? I think NOT.). So, with that in mind, here are three of the best and most recent examples of coffee nirvana, not necessarily the kind you'll drink from a mug, but exceptional nonetheless:


1. The Coffee + Tea Toner from Organical Botanical

Who says coffee isn't good for your skin? Last time my skin really started acting up, I went to see Tanya Palazzo over at Organical Botanical Apothecary on Main St in EG and she saved me (and my crummy looking skin) by suggesting I try her Coffee + Tea Toner, made with coffee, matcha tea, and a number of other organic, good-for-you type ingredients found in nature. True Story: It helped get my skin back to good (Look ma - no more pimples!) in about a week or so. 


2. The Coffee Ice Cream At The Ice Cream Barn

Yeah, you got me - Technically, The Ice Cream Barn isn't in RI. It's in Swansea, MA. (Who knew there were all those farms in Swansea anyway?). But, depending on when you go and the traffic situation on I-95, it shouldn't take you more than 20-25 minutes tops to get there. And if it takes longer, no biggie because this is some of the most delicious ice cream you'll ever taste in your entire life. I swear...I got the coffee, made with REAL coffee (not artificial sweeteners) and local milk from the cows on the adjacent family farm that's been in existence for something like 100 years - and I inhaled it. Bah byeee willpower! #YOLO

PS - The owners are super nice and let me sample several flavors before making my choice. They also told me they make every effort to use as many organic ingredients as possible when making their ice cream. 


3. The Cappuccino at Rosalina's 

People rave about the food at Roaslina's and they're not wrong. Everything on the menu is consistently great. (One of my personal favs is the tomato, mozzeralla, and avocado salad in the pic above.) But I've never heard anyone bragging about their coffee and that's a real shame because it is fab! (Exclamation point worthy even) Take it from someone who goes to a lot of RI restaurants these days and has been the recipient of more than a few stale cups of java and burnt tasting cappuccinos - Get yourself a cappuccino next time you're at 50 Aborn St. in PVD and you'll become a diehard fan.

PS - Last time we were in, our waitress told us 'they' only use illy coffee which is essentially the Ferragamo or Loro Piana of coffee.


Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Got a fav place for coffee in RI? Let us know the details in the comment section below.


Photo Credits: Photos of the interior of Organical Botanical are courtesy of Ashley Farney. All other photos are courtesy of the PattyJDotCom Instagram account.