New Year, More Brunch Options: The Rhody Favorites To Enjoy In 2016


You'll probably want Chinese for dinner tonight on New Year's Eve and lentils tomorrow on New Year's Day (It's supposed to bring luck, so go ahead and try it! I mean what've you got to lose?), but what about the most important meal of the day that falls somewhere in the middle of those? Yup, I'm talking about brunch, which I predict you're desperately going to need, especially after all those NYE cocktails and having to listen to that annoying friend, or relative, who's forever bragging about themselves. Their kids. Their recent promotion at work. And their following on Facebook or Instagram. With that in mind, here's a list of Rhody favs (courtesy of a few of's ah-maze-ing contributors and little ole me) to copycat and kick-off your New Year with. #PutDownThatPhoneAndPickUpAFork 

  1. French toast and a latte or the Mexican hot chocolate at Olga's (Cup & Saucer) - Alexandra Lepore, aka, The Wax Queen RI
  2. The strawberry pancakes at Jiggers Diner on Main St. in EG - Emma Nahod, beauty blogger, yogi, and pancake enthusiast
  3. "I like to start with a latte, and a Bubbly Mary - it's made with prosecco instead of vodka and is a twist on the traditional brunch cocktail. Duck & Bunny offers a variety of both sweet and savory options, but I prefer The Mazzy Star, a crepe stuffed with portabella mushrooms and fontina cheese cooked in truffle oil." Lindsay Raposa, local IT Girl and IG celeb
  4. The lemon ricotta pancakes at The Salted Slate - Me (Highly Recommending)
  5. The chili, poached eggs, cheese, and corn bread from GG (Sundays Only) - Me (Again)
  6. The eggs benedict, or Bunny-Duck, as they call it, at The Duck & Bunny - Amy Desmarais, instructor extraordinaire and manager at Pure Barre Cranston
  7. The avocado toast at Shayna's Place in Wickford (aka, The Wick) - Meg Mattera, local lifestyle blogger and student
  8. "The wait is usually long, but the banana, walnut, chocolate chip pancakes are worth it." Pamela Rihani, talented jewelry and interior designer, talking about Julian's
  9. The Florentine eggs benedict at Red Stripe in East Greenwich - Me (When we were there a few weeks ago, the food and service were top shelf. Just. Sayin. Sometimes I feel like everyone runs to PVD for brunch.) 
  10. "The best brunch is Ocean House in Westerly. The best I've ever had anywhere and I travel a lot. It's gorgeous inside and out and I always feel like a superstar. Lol." Melanie Mello, in-demand stylist/colorist, and co-owner, at WIL.O Hair Design


Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos first appeared on the PattyJDotCom Instagram.