C'mon Get Healthy: Diet Secrets of Beyoncé And JLO

The Queen of Everything

The Queen of Everything

So Beyonce and JayZ went vegan for 22 days last year and...

Now, she's reportedly starting a vegan food delivery service. #Smart

You know what that means, right?

Move over low carb/high protein, gluten free (So many people seem to think I eat gluten free. Why - because I used to feed my dog Udi gluten free bread? He liked it!) and juice fasts because the vegan diet is going to be the next HUGE food trend. #NoMeatNoDairy 

Yes, it's on - I mean JLO's also gone vegan. Think I read about it in her recent chat with US Magazine. Or maybe it was on Access Hollywood? Idk, but she does look terrif:

Gorgeous and she now eats a diet without any meat or dairy products. 

Gorgeous and she now eats a diet without any meat or dairy products. 

Maybe you're curious? Maybe you're interested in going vegan, or at least trying to, before all your friends hop on the bandwagon? Sure you are. After all, it would give you bragging rights, especially on social media. 

And it's actually super easy: All you have to do is  Garden Grille it for brunch, lunch or dinner. You can order vegan or (if you just can't quit regular cheese) vegetarian versions of everything on their menu. True Story: There are no duds on there. Everything's tasty. That being said, here are a few of my personal picks from the GG menu to ease you into the meatless (and quite possibly dairy free) lifestyle and one step closer to superstar health and beauty:

1. Vegan Hot Chocolate

I don't know how "they" make such a delicious HC without using any dairy at all, but that really doesn't matter, does it? So good. Nicole and I drank these this afternoon (and took these pix for the blog). And we'd go back and do it again too. Yum. 

2. The Tofu BLT 

This tastes way better than the pounds of bacon I used to inhale when I was a kid and it won't give you that icky feeling that sometimes shows up after you've gorged yourself on really greasy bacon or something. Also, make sure to get it with the side of avocado, you know, 'the good fat' that you need to have in your diet in order to have shiny hair and glowing skin. #GoodFats #IBetBeyonceAndJLOEatAvocadoAllTheTime

3. The Nachos Or The Burrito (Or Both)

Whenever I text Nicole or Brianna from the GG to ask if they want me to bring them anything, they usually ask for the nachos and burritos. That's really saying something big because neither of them is vegetarian or vegan. But fyi, you can get the vegan version of both of these if you order them with the non-dairy cheese. Beyonce would approve!

Other Places To Go Vegan in RI:

Julian's on Broadway in PVD (Check out our video blog with the Julian by clicking here.)

Crazy Burger (I've never been, but I want to go. That's gotta count for something.)




Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of us, except for photos of Beyonce and JLO found on Pinterest