This Weekend: Brunch, Beauty & A Breakthrough Movie

1. Where To Brunch It

Such a delicious brunch at The Grange on Broadway in PVD, RI last weekend. A green drink in a mason jar (I was all coffee'd out by the time I got there.) and huevos rancheros for me. Coffee, eggs, homefries and toast (the more traditional route) for Tom. While 'they' are vegetarian and vegan the other days of the week, on Sundays, you can get eggs. Nice! The crowd is a mix of West End hipsters and mom and dad types from the 'burbs. (Technically, I am neither, but I'm guessing I fit more into the 2nd category these days.) Everyone who works there is friendly and the interior does lend itself to photo taking for either your FB or Instagram. 'Hey, this place is perfect for Instagram!' If I had to describe the overall aesthetic, I'd have to say it's sorta Gilmore Girls/Luke's Diner (one of my all time favorite tv shows btw) meets HBO's Girls and/or Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Or at least what I've read about Williamsburg in the NY Times Style section anyway. 

2. How To Give Your Hair The Spa Treatment At Home

It all started right here in RI - That's where founder Brenda Brock began selling her herbal handmade skincare at an organic farmstand back in 1999. Now, you can find her  Farmaesthetics line in some of the top hotels and spas in the country, including the Four Seasons. (They're also available at select Urban Outfitters.) Have your own personal spa day this weekend by giving yourself a treatment with their new Pre-Wash Treatment Oil for your hair, root and scalp. If, like me, you spent most of the winter outside in a wool hat or inside with the heat jacked up, then you need this oil. Hats and excessive heat can cause flyaways and dry scalp (among other things). Two reasons to use this right now to get your hair ready to show off this Spring and Summer. My sister, who has been a hairstylist forever, also recommends using a drop on your ends to keep them looking healthy. And you can even use it as an leave-in overnight treatment. (I did!) Just be sure to start with a small amount. (You can always layer a little more in later.) Otherwise you run the risk of overdoing it and ending up with greasy hair and scalp. Not fun. Xo and thank you Farmaesthetics! 

3. What To Watch For

Last night was the NYC premiere of my friend Andrew Pilkington's new movie. Congrats Andrew! (The film had its Boston premiere back in February.) It's a thriller called A Killer Serve. Andrew based his script (written and edited using his nose and feet because he has cerebral palsy) on a short story by Bob Leuci, an ex-NYC detective who was one of his professors at URI. Yes, so many RI connections: In fact, it was filmed here, with a group of extremely talented local actors, including Paul Kandarian in the lead role. Watch for this and more great projects from Andrew in the not too distant future. 

Read more about Andrew and his film by clicking here and here

Ciao for Now, 

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of, except for Andrew Pilkington and A Killer Serve. Those found on their social media account.