This Weekend: Celebrate Everything Italian

Honestly, I am really sick of how everyone makes such a big deal over St. Patricks Day, and St. Josephs Day just gets thrown under the bus. I know everyone looks for an excuse to get drunk, but seriously come on! #Wink

Even though my fair skin complexion might tell you different - my mother is FULL Italian. So you ask where I get this pale skin? My father, I mean his mother's name was Mary O'Brien - can one even get more Irish than that? I don't think so.

Here are some reasons you should EMBRACE St. Josephs Day (even if you're Irish):

  1. Italian Food (with our suggestions)

  2. Italian Lingo

    • Mopeen or Mopina - Dish Rag
    • A Fa Nable - Literally: Go To Naples, Generally: Go To Hell
    • Manegia - Shoot, Damn
    • Pastina - Smallest Pasta shaped like Stars
    • Va fungool - GFY ;)
    • Gravy - Sauce
    • Capisce - Got it or Understand
  3. Famous Italian Movies/Shows

  4. Beautiful People

  5. True/Fun Facts

    • Italian Alzheimer's: They only remember the grudges.
    • Macaroni is mandatory EVERY Sunday, and maybe 5 other times a week.
    • Insist on stocking up on cans of Pastine tomatoes.
    • Gesture with hands while talking
    • Obsessed with Coffee
    • We force feed you, even if you say you are full 500 times. You WILL EAT THE PASTA!
    • Family is very important.


Now go enjoy St. Joseph's Day and have yourself a Zeppole!


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Google Images