Workout Wednesday: Cool Things To Wear, Drink And Listen To

Ear buds by Skull Candy; t-shirt by Nike; trainers by New Balance; water bottle by J.Crew; headband by Sweaty Betty

The clothes, music and beverages you choose can mean the difference between sticking with your workout or spending that same time curled up on the couch with a ginormous bag of kettle corn. (True Story: I once gained at least 10lbs by doing the latter.) Here are my top picks for what to wear, drink and hear to help you look and feel like a champ and stay in the game:


What To Wear

  • Sweaty Betty - They make the headband in the pic above and lots of other neat stuff, including sports bras, tops and leggings for yoga, pilates or Pure Barre.
  • Zobha - A sanskrit word that means grace, beauty and brilliance, Zobha prides itself on providing well made activewear (as well as loungewear, outerwear and maternity) with a strong emphasis on fair labor practices and social responsibility.
  • Outdoor Voices - This NYC based brand has partnered with J.Crew for some core pieces that are anything but basic. If your tax refund money is burning a whole in your pocket and you're in dying to splurge, check out their leggings and hoodie.
  • Gap - I've said it before (Click here for the blog about their GapFit leggings.) and I'll say it again: LOVE. Highly recommend stocking up on their GFit leggings and Motion Fit long sleeve t's.
  • Rhode Runner Inc - Looking for sneakers for running (or walking)? It can be completely overwhelming. Ugh. Go to Rhode Runner for expert service and product knowledge. They'll find the perfect pair of kicks for you and make you wonder how you ever lived without them.


What To Drink

  • Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water - Everyone from New Beauty to Marc Jacob's personal chef is touting the anti-aging and hydrating benefits of drinking raw coconut water. I'm a fan of this one.
  • Bai 5 - Super impressed with how little sugar is in this new sports drink. Mad props to the Nicole Tutalo for discovering this one. Click here to read more. 
  • Spa Water - Add some excitement to your H2O. Find out how by clickety clicking here now.


What To Hear



Photo Credits: Quotes courtesy of Pinterest; Individual items in collage courtesy of Polyvore