Reverse Your Closet Karma: 5 Things You Won't Regret Buying

Tracey, Me And Coffee

Tracey, Me And Coffee

If you've edited your closet (Feel free to co-opt that - I stole it from my brother who probably got it from someone in NYC who organizes closets for a living.) and you're searching for new stuff to fill it with, look no further. I sat down recently with my stylish friend Tracey - She's the kind of person people stop all the time to ask where she got her jacket, necklace or shoes, who cuts her hair and what shade of lipstick she's wearing. - to talk about what we're buying up for Spring 2015. (Again, she's a total style guru and I used to get paid to help people shop and dress themselves.)

Tracey's Pick's

Longer Legs Instantly Without Sky High Heels

I have just discovered the Martie pant from J.Crew. It is everything I love: 1) a slightly higher waist, which always means a curvier cut and a longer legged look, 2) an ankle length that is also available in petite and tall, 3) a side zip. I love, love, love side zip pants. If you don't wear belts or tuck your tops in, then the side zip is your best friend. A smooth, flat front is so much more slimming than the outline of belt loops or that little bump from the front tab. The Martie is a perfect transitional fabric of cotton/viscose/elastane with just a hint of stretch. There are several colors including a lovely deep wine. I got black...that's me.

Shoes Made In Italy...That Won't Break You

Something to keep an eye out for in the next couple of months...Everlane will soon introduce a shoe collection made in Italy. Their loafer is beautiful and last summer's sandals were classics so I expect the collection will be a good one. Hopefully for men as well.

Welcome To The Club

Club Monaco for accessories... (and for anything really). I could fill my closet a hundred times over with Club Monaco...but always check the sale section first. I don't know about the other area branches but if you visit the Prudential (Boston) location, they have a selection of fabulous vintage designer accessories and decorative items throughout the store that are available for purchase...(It's) a special treat to browse them. 

See Tracey's makeup and skincare favorites by clicking here and here.

My Picks

The Moho (Modern Boho) Bag And Tunic For People Who Don't Know And Don't Care About Coachella

Found this tote at Target while picking up laundry detergent, a checkers set and pillows. My brother (He was with me at the time.) actually stopped to tell me he thought it looked expensive and that I should buy it, a huge deal since my brother rarely encourages me to shop for more bags (He knows...) and he himself has a long illustrious history as a picky shopper. (When he was 16 and our father took him to buy a blazer, the salesman ended up giving up and walking away. #NoJoke) does look like a boutique handbag, it's only $34.99 and it's selling out online. To get your own in brown (above) or beige, check your local neighborhood Target "like" right now.

The tunic is still available online at Anthropologie in three colors and I've been living in the navy one while down here in Florida. For $98, you get washability, butt coverage (Pair it with the white jeans you bought last year and only wore once or twice.) and something to put over all those tank tops and cami's you've been hoarding. Yes, it's sheer, but that keeps it from being B-O-R-I-N-G or too crunchy granola Earth mother-ish. 

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Photo Credits: Tracey's picks photos courtesy of Google Images. My picks photos courtesy of Target and Anthropologie.