This Weekend: Sometimes You Just Need A Cupcake

Or, more specifically, you just need a chocolate peanut butter cupcake and a hot chocolate to take the edge off. Especially if your week has been plagued by (more) snow and losing your WiFi access in the middle of the night while trying to update your blog. Ugh.

PattyJ Cupcake Tip (Or How To Win Friends And Influence People With Pastry): 

Go ahead and enjoy that choc and peanut butter cupcake at the snuggery (aka, The Duck & Bunny), but be sure to bring home a bunch more, including at least one carrot cake, one red velvet, one strawberry shortcake and one banana nutella. People will love you (even more) for it. Yeah, I am not above using cupcakes to kiss up to friends and family.

Now, if you're with someone who is on some sort of cleanse because they're traveling to Miami soon and need to be bikini ready, then "they" will order a pomegranate pear tea (and LOVE it), but they'll promise to come back again and actually indulge in cupcakes real soon - because they know that cupcakes are the cure for the Winter of 2015 Blues. Yup. And that - the Winter of 2015 Blues - really is 'a thing' btw. A friend of mine recently went to the Dr. for a routine check-up and she was handed a survey, asking whether or not she'd been feeling down this winter. Apparently, lots of people have been blue. And who could blame them? (One word - SNOW) No doubt, they are desperately in need of a dose of what I'm calling #TheCupcakeCure.


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Ciao For Now,

Patty J


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