Workout Wednesday: The Truth About Lululemon

I love working out. I am literally addicted to kickboxing and cycling. I do doubles three times a week and the other days, I am at one place or the other.

However, this workout obsession becomes an issue for two reasons.

First, I have to wash my hair everyday and No, I don't use dry shampoo (I'm not lucky enough to have the great locks that all you natural haired bitches have. Shout out to Kristen, I would die without my hair extensions!). So, if you have thin hair and you take a NiceLegs cycling or an ilovekickboxing class, you are definitely washing your hair afterwards. Oh, and if you do doubles - Guess what? You're washing your hair TWICE that day. 

The second issue is that I never seem to have enough workout gear. EVER.

I also decided to write this post because my sister told me my friend (BRYAN) didn't even know that there was a LuLu Lemon at Garden City Center. (Well, he is from EG, or I guess you might say, another world. HA, it's just a joke - Relax you EG townies.) 

Anyway, LuLu Lemon has expanded their workout gear collection A-LOT! I was just there this past Saturday, and bought some super cute things that you all should go and check out. 

One thing I love about LuLu Lemon's workout pants is that they hold you in, literally. When you're doing some Thai kicks in kickboxing, let me just tell you that, your legs will jiggle - no matter what - Well, unless you are rock solid and have 0% body fat. (Contrary to what you may think, THAT does not describe me.)

After doing some experimenting with pants from multiple stores, I came to the conclusion that, that jiggle is practically a goner in LuLu Lemon pants.  

Pants I Love:

High Times Pant *Full-On Luon

**I spotted these black High Times Pants as I was at the cash register and just had to grab a pair. Not going to lie, I haven't worn them yet, but they will be on me tomorrow.

Wunder Under Pant *Full-On Luon (Roll Down)

**Okay so facts are facts: We as women get our period, and during this time, most of us usually bloat. Well, you know how during that time of the month you're just looking for something comfortable to wear. Something that doesn't cut into your gut and make you look like you have serious love handles? Well, these are the pants you want! Seriously, they call them 'Wunder' for a reason, simply because they work wonders. I wore them yesterday (Yes, I had my period.) and I felt awesome - I was SO comfortable! They are high-rise with a fold over option. I am contemplating going to buy these in another color - They are just THAT great!  

Speed Tight III *All Full-On Luxtreme

** I am also so obsessed with these beauties, I have them in blue and black. These Speed Tight III are awesome and super comfortable. I love the pockets, they look so cute on. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Other Things I Love:

I also like how they have the low v-neck sports bras and not the typical ones that go up to your neck. I like to let my chest breath while I'm sweating. I feel like if you wear super high sports bras, that holds in your sweat, which clogs your pores, and makes you breakout. #EW #FPimples

Hold Your Om Bra

** I love this bra, I have it in the heathered black cherry color. It is so comfortable and it holds your boobs in.

Last, but not least - I am also slightly obsessed with the Ebb To Street Tank. I will own this in every color by next month (hopefully).

** This top has a built in sports bra with removable pads. I really really can't stress enough how much I adore this top. It's SO comfortable and extremely flattering.

Side Note: Everyone that works at LuLu Lemon Garden City is a doll and I love them. They are so helpful and nice! On Saturday mornings they have a yoga class in their store. I think I might check it out this week - Who's with me?


That's all for now.




Photo Credits: All Photos courtesy of Lululemon Athletica