Happy Monday: Day Drinking Tho'

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Hungover from the weekend? I feel ya.

Or do you just wanna keep going? I feel ya again! 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, FLOOR...Jk

It's Monday and let's be really honest: We all HATE Monday. We hate it because we feel like friggin sh*t from the weekend or because we just want to be out enjoying the day, instead of being at our 9 to 5. Or school. Or back at our regular everyday routine. We'd all rather be out, having a good old time. #DayDrinking

Now, Summer - and the beautiful weather - is coming (I see you, I feel weather, I know your coming weather...but are you EVER coming?). That being said, here's our unofficial guide to day drinking like a champ, after you've called out of work that next warm, sunny, summer-y day of course:

Day Drinks For Summer

  • Lemonade & Vodka  - Try Del's and Vodka.
  • Sangria 
  • Bloody Mary
  • Mimosa 
  • Margarita
  • Beer - Try Blue Moon, with an orange (Aaaahhhh, so refreshing!), or Sam Adams Summer Ale.

PattyJ.com hears that the best tasting Sangria is at Spain Restaurant and the best tasting Margaritas are at Twin Oaks - both in Cranston, R.I. btw.

REMEMBER you heard it here first ;)

Places To Day Drink This Summer

For 20-Somethings

  •  Fat Belly's in Providence
  •  Hanley's in Providence

For 20's, 30's And Beyond

Caveat: PattyJ.com does encourage you to have a good time, but NOT to day drink - or drink period - and drive. Call a cab, call an Uber or call your mother if you've had too many mudslides, etc. 

Ciao For Now,

The PattyJDotCom Team 


Photo Credits: All pix courtesy of the #PattyJDotCom Team