Wednesday Wellness: 3 Ways To Save Money And Get Healthy

Last year I visited a naturopath in the city who sat and talked with me for almost two hours. She wanted to know absolutely everything about me, my entire life story from birth (Who remembers?) all the way up to 2014. Yes, exhausting and at times, embarrassing. Also, before leaving, I picked up a bottle of supplements (for around $35) she'd recommended that were supposed to make my time of the month cramps (Yes, even bloggers get periods.) less severe. In case you're keeping track, by the time I actually walked out the door, I'd spent close to $200. #OMG Now, if you want to feel (and of course, look) better, here are three tips and tricks that definitely won't require you to unburden your soul or empty your wallet:

1. When You're On A Budget But You Need A Massage...

Get yourself a foam roller. It will help stretch and massage your muscles. This one is a fancier version with raised areas (for deep tissue massage), but it still retails for under $20. You can find a more basic smooth version for $10-20 on Amazon. (Also, if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is usually FREE.) One of my brothers, who has run multiple marathons, boxed and cross trained, swears that using a foam roller is just as good as getting a massage. I believe him. And you should too. I also believe massage has beaucoup medicinal benefits. 

*When you want to treat yourself, book a massage at either Blue Sky Spa Works in Warwick or the OH Spa at the Ocean House in Watch Hill. #HighlyRecommend

2. When You're On A Budget And You Binged On Fries And Ice Cream Last Weekend And Now Your Skin Is A Mess....

Grab a bottle of Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Take one tablespoon a day - with or without water - and within a week or two, your skin will look worlds better. A daily shot of ACV has been credited with getting rid of everything from acne to joint pain to acid reflux actually. And it's only $2.50 - $4.00 a bottle, depending on the size. 

*When you want to splurge, pick up Cleanse To The Rescue 21 Day Cleanse by HUM (a Sephora Exclusive), which is designed to help clear your skin, detox your entire bod and make your stomach look flatter, which all sounds great to me. One caveat: For best results, "they" do recommend giving up any and all caffeine during the 21 days you're taking their supplements. (Not sure if I can swing that, but I do take HUM supplements on a pretty reg basis.)

3. When You're On A Budget But You Still Want  Smoothies Or Fresh Juice Every Day...

Not naming any names (**clears throat**), but I know people who spend anywhere from $5 - $12 a day on smoothies or juices. Well, I'm here to say that YOU can have your juice for a whole lot less. First, get yourself a NutriBullet. They are priced around $89-99 at Target, which might seem steep to you, but I promise you will save so much making your own drinks that it will pay for itself in a month or so. Tip: Ask friends and family if they have a NutriBullet that they're not using right now. You may be able to get one for free that way. 

Another way to save even more is to buy your fruits and veggies at a local farm/farmer's market. And you'll be right on trend too since locally grown is a HUGE trend in food and dining these days. Go to  Farm Fresh Rhode Island to find one near you.

*When you want to treat yourself, go to Raw Bob's on Main Street in EG (They are super friendly and helpful and even have their own app.) or Wildflour Bakery And Cafe in Pawtucket for delicious juices, smoothies and more.


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Photo Credits: Photos of foam roller and NutriBullet courtesy of Amazon and Target respectively.