All About Eyelash Extensions

Women make no sense.

Hear me out.

We women spend money, and I mean serious money, to remove hair all over our bodies. We spend hours of our lives shaving and beaucoup bucks on razors, shave creams, tweezers and wax. We go to doctors to get laser hair removal. We're also totally willing to have someone stick needles in our hair follicles (aka, electrolysis), so we don't have to look at - or deal with - hair anymore. We even go so far as getting fully waxed (BRAZILIANS!) and frog leg for total strangers, just so we can be hair-free for a few weeks.

I think we can all agree that most of us American women hate hair on our underarms, legs, toes, Brazilian area, face, etc. 

But then, we also LOVE hair. 

Admit it  - All of us at one time or another have cried in the car leaving our hairdressers because of the extra inch or two he or she may have taken off... Wait, lets be serious, we were tearing up in the chair as he/she was finishing up the blowdry. 

Some women pay for hair extensions. I happen to know a few & their hair looks #fab. Extensions can add length, color, and/or volume without damaging one's real hair. (Click here for the blog we did about hair extensions.)

Well, I must let you know that my new favorite thing is #eyelashes. 

A wise women once told me that when you have thicker fuller eyelashes, you wake up and just feel prettier. You don't have to do anything else (besides your hair of course) and let me tell you, that woman was 100% right. 

Eyelash extensions WILL in fact change your life. Yea, I know you're rolling your eyes right now, but I swear I'm not lying & I'm going to prove it. 

Meet Nicole...

Nicole works at Platinum Hair Salon in Cranston, RI. 

Now, here are all the details -

What Is The Application Process?

  • A full set of lashes takes about 1.5 hours. (Don't worry you lay down on a really comfy bed.)
  • A fill takes 40 minutes.
  • All different colors, lengths, and volume options are available depending on your preference.
  • Come to your appointment with no eye makeup on.
  • Nicole will tape your lower lash line, so none of those lashes get in the way.
  • Nicole will then apply individual lash extensions to each of your real lashes, but only on your top lid.

How Long Do They Last?

  • Everyday you shed 1-5 lashes, so after 2-3 weeks, you will need a fill.
  • Your first fill will be needed two weeks after application.
  • All the following fills are your preference, either every 2 or 3 weeks.


  • Don't get your lashes wet within the first 24 hours of application.
  • Only use baby shampoo and your fingers to wash your lashes. Nothing else. 
  • You can pat dry the lashes, but it is best to let them air dry.
  • Your lashes will actually last longer if you wash them everyday. 
  • Use your eyelash comb (Don't worry you will get this at the end of your appointment.) to smooth lashes
  • Don't rub your eyes or use any washcloths, q-tips, etc. 
  • When you shower, don't let the water beat on your lashes
  • Stay away from saunas - the steam is not good for the lash
  • Do NOT use your eyelash curler.
  • Mascara is optional, but really isn't needed.
  • Don't use anything oil based on your eyes. 
  • Only use eye cream on your under eye area.
  • Be gentle and cautious.

Fact vs. Fiction:

  • "Lash extensions will make my real lashes fall off"... FALSE -- These lashes will shed with your real lash, like I said before, you shed 1-5 lashes everyday. The application process does NOT ruin or make your real lashes fall off.
  • "I wake up and feel beautiful."...TRUE
  • "Having lash extensions makes my morning process so much easier."...TRUE - You will NOT feel the need to pile on the makeup for work. Having lashes will cut your makeup application time in half!

Ciao for Now,

Brianna & Patty J