Strangers With Condos: My So-Called Life In Florida

Remember the Seinfeld episodes where Jerry goes to Florida to visit his parents who have retired and relocated to a condo complex down there? Sure, it's so funny to watch as he has to deal with their annoying neighbors, go to dinner at 4pm (for the Early Bird Specials) and sleep on a pullout couch that does a number on his back. I laugh like a goofball every time I re-watch those. But it's not so funny when you're suddenly living it "like" every day.

Photo Courtesy Of Google Images

Photo Courtesy Of Google Images

In case you don't already know (My sister made me pinky swear not to post anything on my personal FB account about being in Florida, but guess the secret's out. Oh. Well.), I'll be blogging from the sunshine state for the next few weeks. I also happen to be staying in condo complex, where the average age has gotta be close to 78, sleeping on a pullout couch and dealing with annoying neighbors. So all that does make me something of an expert on the subject. 

That's how I can bring you a few of the really key things Jerry (and others) have failed to mention about condo living in FLA:

1. Oh My WiFi!

Take a break from your devices. Not because you want to. (Hey, I am trying to publish a blog ya know!) But because the condo you're staying in has terrible WiFi reception. #WiFiProblemz Must be the concrete structure. Great in case there's a hurricane. Not so great if you want to update FB or Instagram, read the NY Times on your phone or (again) publish a blog post. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 

*Currently using my I-Phone as a personal hot spot while sitting on a dining room chair out in the hallway in order to get WiFi. I bet The ManRepeller or Kelly Rutherford has never had to do that!

Yes, your I-Phone works as a Personal Hot Spot, just in case you ever need to use your lap top and you find yourself without WiFi. To access, simply go to settings, switch it on and follow the directions below. 


2. I Can Finally Wear Those Birkenstocks I Ordered Online Over The Winter.

Yeah, my niece Brianna hates them. And they do make my feet look even wider than they actually are. #NotAttractive 

They are comfortable though.

True Story: I can wear them here because I fit right in with the rest of the in-crowd who are all sporting wide and double wide orthopedic grandma couture styles. But I swear that if I can't get my feet back into a pair of pointy toe heels when I go home, I'm gonna freak. No joke.


3. Everyone Loves Dogs These Days...Except For Most Of The People Who Live Here.

OK, try sneaking in one sweet 65 pound Golden Doodle and you end up with a lawyer's letter under your door. Something about a violation of the condo by-laws. Nice! 

Ciao for Now,



Photo Credits: Photo of Jerry's Mom And Dad From Seinfeld Courtesy Of Google Images