Food & Style File: Let's Be Food Critics!

Between high school and college, I logged about 5 solid years of French, which, in retrospect, didn't help me much at all when I was overseas ten years later. One thing that comes to mind is staying up until one or two am, desperately looking for something in English on TV and finding only reruns of Howard Stern's old show for E!Entertainment network. Thankfully, that didn't sour me on French style or French food.

French Style, Stripes And Sales

Before going out in Providence last night, I wanted a new t-shirt to wear with my jeans (I try to avoid going anywhere these days that doesn't allow me to wear denim in one form or another because I spent way too many years dressed in black skirt suits, looking like I was running for Congress or something. #FrumpyTown Time to make up for that!) Found myself in Anthropologiewhere I happily discovered they are now offering an additional 20% off all their sale for the Memorial Day Weekend. Found a sale dress for $40 (reg $168) and the neat black and white striped t-shirt above, with Joie De Vivre across the front (for $58, not on sale). I mean isn't it the perfect tee to wear to Providence's newest French restaurant Garde De La Mer?

Je Ne Sais Scallops

After stopping off at a party to celebrate Marc Allen's 10 years in business in Providence  (If you don't know Marc Allen, click here to find out more. His shops in the capital city and Newport offer  custom as well as some of the best looking ready to wear for the leading man in your life. Stay tuned for a cool blog about Marc Allen Newport coming real soon!) Brianna, Bob and I made our way over to Garde De La Mer in the Providence G, which some of you natives may remember as the old Providence Gas Company building. (PS - It's come a long way since then.)

The interior of the restaurant is stunning. The decor is primarily white (walls) and black (tile) with touches of yellow and almost has this nautical feel to it: Note the sailboat perched on a shelf in the photo above. Everyone from the hostess who seated us to our waiter Daryl was warm, welcoming and not at all stand-off-ish or snooty. And as a card carrying vegetarian, I totally appreciate that they offer vegetarian options. Not all nicer restaurants do this ya know. At the end of the day though, I caved and had the scallops which I guess technically makes me a pescetarian, but it was worth it. #Yum Also, in case you're wondering (You are wondering, aren't you?), everyone else at my table had clean plates. We didn't order dessert because we were stuffed, but Daryl did wrap up the meal by serving us some warm mini-madeleines that Brianna and I immediately inhaled. 

When the meal was over, Brianna announced - to us and anyone within earshot - that she's definitely coming back. And I say #YouShouldGo. If you need to impress a date, your parents or a business associate, take them there. If you want some of the freshest seafood in the city, take them there. If you like warm mini-madeleines, you should go.

Ciao For Now,


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of #PattyJDotCom, except for the close-up of the Joie De Vivre tee. That's courtesy of Anthro.