My RI Life: Pamela Rihani, Jewelry and Interior Designer

I first met Pamela a few months ago while on a mid afternoon (clothes) shopping break. We started talking and I found out she's an interior and jewelry designer. She also has this great eclectic, sophisticated style, so of course, I asked her to be on the blog. Here's a look at her emerging jewelry line as well as more about her 'fabulous RI life'.

Design Time

I design interior spaces to satisfy and bring my clients' visions to life. I design my jewelry to bring MY vision to life and express myself without limitations...I love juggling lots of things at once. Right now, I'm working on three interior projects as well as launching my line of jewelry, Katima - Powerful Daughter.

I have been designing jewelry for the past 7 years or so. It started out as just a way to channel some creative expression and to create some pieces for myself. It soon blossomed into a small business, despite my never having had a real plan or intention for it to become anything like that...I travel quite a bit, and wherever I went, I began to get compliments about the pieces I was wearing. In NYC, a woman stopped me to ask where I'd bought my necklace. When I told her it was my design, she asked if I would design one for her. She ended up purchasing 3 pieces! I sold another piece to a woman I met in TULUM, Mexico. She's an artist from NYC and just wore the piece at her most recent art opening...Basically, it's been word of mouth, my design clients and an occasional gallery show. I've been working on my branding, website, and look book and will be ready to officially launch in NYC by mid June. 

Food & Restaurants

Coffee: My go-to spot is always Seven Stars on Broadway. A small black keeps me moving mid day. I also never leave there without a granola nut scone! For a hip vibe, there is White Electric on Westminister.

Breakfast: Hands down Julian's on Broadway. The wait is usually long, but the banana, walnut, chocolate chip pancakes are worth it. If you can tolerate Ozzy Osbourne (music) blaring in your ear, then this is the place to go. Best bathroom in town.

Dinner: Al Forno for grass salad, corn pizza in the summer and pumpkin pizza in the fall. Bread pudding is always a must. It was the first restaurant I went to when I first moved here (from Boston) many moon's ago (when the first floor was named Lucky's) and I'm still enjoying it.

Avenue N (in Rumford!) - A new fave. The salmon and cod are amazing. The food is always super fresh and prepared with care. The owner is always so gracious too. Another reason to go!

The Dorrance: I like to sit at the bar and order some mussels with frites. I always feel like I'm in Paris when I'm there. The bartenders are really friendly and well versed in what they do. It is simply one of the most beautiful spaces in PVD. I usually follow it up with a walk to The Eddy to have the Bavarian soft pretzel, cheese plate and bean dip - It's a great spot for a quick bite and a cocktail.

Skincare And Hair

I have always been a product junkie and have spent a lifetime trying everything, from the most expensive products to stuff from Whole Foods. The much hyped $400 a jar Le Mer products that were all the rage years ago were a waste of money vs. the $25 Embryolisse Moisturizer I first bought in Paris years ago and now have sent to me from an apothecary in NYC.

Things I love now: Evan Healy Coconut Cleanser, $25 from Whole Foods. It has a deliciously smoothing texture when you apply it. It feels like you are conditioning and cleansing simultaneously. Use a face cloth to remove all traces.

Rose Water Aromatherapy Mist. A refreshing spray to keep your skin hydrated and fresh during the day. I keep one in my car, one in my bag, one at my studio...Gives you that "I just worked out" fresh look. (Heritage Rose Water, available at WF.) 

Hair: Always an issue for me! I have had moments of hair peace, but mostly I just can't find a hairstyle that I love. Lately it's up in a pony tail on top of my head.

The one thing I do swear by is COCONUT OIL: Yup, it really works! You need to heat the jar to liquify it, then slather it all over your scalp. I sleep with it on overnight (not too pretty I know). My hair's condition has improved tenfold since religiously adhering to my once a week routine. It actually makes my hair feel thicker and has helped with hair growth. I'm not a sucker for these these things...really...It really works if you stick with it. (Try Expeller Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, the 365 brand, available at Whole Foods.)

Shampoo and Conditioner: I'm picky about hair products. Kerastase for cleansing and conditioning. I like Oribe too. I use their Supershine Moisturizing Cream before blow drying and also for slicking my hair back. I also swear by OI Oil from Davines for smoothing hair. It smells divine. (Keraste and Oribe available at Moss Salon PVD and Davines available at Facing Thayer also in PVD.) 

Shopping And Style

Ease, comfort, and style are important to me. I do most of my shopping when I travel and tend to mix things that are a bit offbeat.

To see more from Pamela, find her on Instagram by clicking here and watch for her web site, coming soon.


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Pamela Rihani, except for the restaurant images which were found via Google Images.