My RI Life: Beauty Blogger, Yogi And Pancake Expert Emma Nahod

You may already know Emma Nahod as a frequent guest beauty blogger for She also has a beauty blog of her own, called Compassionate Beauty RI, that spotlights cruelty free, affordable cosmetics and skincare. When not buying and trying new makeup, she's a popular yoga teacher who enjoys baking, cooking (Pssst: She's definitely NOT a vegetarian.), and searching for pieces to update her cool casual meets funky bohemian look. This is her 'fabulous RI life'.


Food And Drink

BREAKFAST: Even though breakfast is such an easy thing to make at home, there is something about restuarant pancakes that I simply cannot resist. Before I lived in RI, my family would visit a couple times a year, and we always made a point to go to Jigger's Diner in EG. I still love it, especially for the strawberry pancakes.

ROMANTIC DINNER: Celestial Cafe in Exeter. Everything is so delicious and they cook seasonally with local ingrediants. You haven't lived until you've tried their sweet potato wontons! If I feel a little more international, Rasa in EG is amazing. If I could live on korma and naan alone, I definitely would.

FAST HEALTHY EATS: While healthy here can be relative, Chipotle is my stop anytime I need a quick bite on the road. Not only is the food delicious, but I love their philosophy on food. 

CUPCAKES: Scrumptions in EG, JoJo's Cupcakes in Coventry or homemade.

PIZZA: Frank and John's in EG is hands down my favorite. All the food their is really good, but the margherita pizza is my favorite. I also love Coal Fired in Providence.

Shopping And Style

STORES: Now that we're making our way into warmer weather, The Fantastic Umbrella Factory in Charlestown is one of my favorite places to go. Whether I'm interested in jewelry, clothing, flowers, or hangin' with emus, it's got it all. The cafe is delicious and a fantastic place to grab lunch or a snack! Garden City is a perfect place to walk around. It's got so many awesome shops (including, of course, Sephoraand places to eat. For clothes, I honestly do most of my shopping at thrift stores. While Savers might not have the most pleasant shopping environment, I have found some great stuff there (like $95 Hard Tail yoga pants for $3). 

SIGNATURES: If you see me around, I will probably be in yoga pants. I teach almost every day, so that's usually what I'm throwing on in the morning. I really like leggings with cool prints. Teeki and Black Milk Clothing are a couple faves. I have some that are like the night sky, a pair that is full of stars and flowers, and even a pair printed with the map of Middle Earth (nerds represent!). Outside of yoga pants, I love the 60's, flower child vibe. I love the long and flowy, bohemian sort of thing, but I also love a good pair of skinny jeans and heels. 

Skincare And Beauty

As my love affair with makeup began, I realized the importance of good skin and skincare. I have dealt with adult acne in varying degrees for the past couple years and, in that time, I have struggled to find affordable, cruelty free skincare that helped. This has sparked an interest in making my own skincare so one of my side projects now has been studying skin chemisty and ingredients. In the meantime however, I need products! I recently began an acne fighting regemint using Paula's Choice skincare. I haven't been using them long enough to have an educated opinion but, if you're interested, you can check in with my blog in the next couple of weeks for a post on my findings. #shamelessplug

For this regiminet I am using:

Emma's Tips, Tricks & How-To's For Going Cruelty Free

1. If you wear glasses, like me, or are wearing sunglasses as we move into summer (as you should...protect your eyes people!), you probably know what a mess they can leave in your makeup. I have finally come across a little trick that I have found really helpful in avoiding the glasses track. Take a little setting spray on a concealor/small to medium eyeshadow brush (I spray a little on my hand and dab the brush in) and pat that around where your glasses meet your face. I am amazed every day I remember to do this how well my makeup stays off of my glasses and on my face!

2. Even if I'm having a no makeup day, I always give my brows a little love. I know we've heard it all before but I really do think brows are an essential aspect of any makeup routine. My favorite brow product is the Anastasia Dipbrow pomade (I use Blonde) because it can go from looking super natural to the drag-inspired "Instagram brow". Whatever you're brow game, own it and love it!

3. Curious about cruelty free makeup brands? While you could totally head over to my blog for a more info (wink wink), here are just a few of my favorite brands ranging from drugstore to high end: 

  • Wet n Wild                 
  •  NYX
  •  Milani
  • It Cosmetics
  • Too Faced
  • Urban Decay
  • Tarte
  • Bite Beauty
  • Anastasia of Beverly Hills
  • Smashbox
  • Charlotte Tilbury

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Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Emma Nahod, except EG Diner photo (found on Google Images and credited to Jason Williams)