Monday Morning Coffee: The Dad's Day Edition

Dad's Day is this Sunday, June 21st. No need to stress though. Take a few deep yoga breathes (You know - Smell the flowers. Blow out the candle. Repeat.). Then, read today's blog. It has absolutely everything you need to win at Dad's Day this year. Pinky swear.


A Cool Collage For Facebook And Instagram 

You'll want to post a collage of dad or you and dad on Facebook or Instagram next weekend. Even if he's not on either of those sites because (honestly) everyone else will be doing it...Now, I've tried a ton of collage apps. Especially since starting this blog. Some yielded crummy results. Others were difficult to figure out. Still others wanted me to pay money. Beaucoup bucks in some cases. Not Happening. I finally found one that's just right though. It's called Photo Grid, it's super easy to use and FREE. (There are versions for you non-I-Phone users out there too.) You're going to be #obsessed.


Carnivores And Cigars

I'm a vegetarian, but I find most dads are in fact carnivores. They usually love, love, LOVE steak. So, take your dad to: Mill's Tavern (where I also hear all the celeb parents who send their kids to Brown go for dinner whenever they're in town for a visit or graduation.) or Capital Grille (a fav of a few of my brothers who are also carnivores). Or, if you'd rather cook up your own at home, check out to find grass fed, local beef with no traces of antibiotics, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. 

PS - In my experience, Dads also love cigars. My dad used to smoked 'em at night while reading and listening to AM radio...Love your dad but hate smelling like a cigar? Me too. So get him a gc to Cigar MastersProblem solved. 


 Classic TV And A Classic Drink

Here's where the Monday Morning Coffee comes in...If your dad is 55+ and from that old school (aka, was a fan of The Wonder Years on ABC TV and other old time-y shows like The Rifleman or Lost In Space back in the day), odds are he's probably a huge coffee milk fan as well. Take him to Dave's on So. Main for a coffee milk (aka, coffee syrup + milk, aka, the official RI state drink) and he just might forget all about that time you backed the new car into a telephone pole or broke curfew and came home wicked drunk or ran up a $400+ cell bill. 


Ciao For Now,



Photo Credits: Photos of Photo Grid App, Mills Tavern, Capital Grille, and Dave's all courtesy of Google Images