This Weekend: What Are You Doing Thirsty Thursday?

So, what are you doing Thirsty Thursday (aka, tonight)? 

Rooftop bars are all the rage in PVD (again) this summer, so why not get yourself over to the one at the PVD Biltmore for The PVD Lady Project's Summer Guide Celebration? It's tonight from 7-9 and there are still tix available. (Click here for more info.)

The last rooftop bar party in my world took place at The Jade Bar at The Gramercy Park Hotel (or the GPH) in NYC. A few years back. First of all, I showed up in heels, a tulle skirt - No S&TC comparisons please! - and pin straight hair. Meanwhile, all the 'real' NYC girls were wearing printed maxi dresses, casually-tosseled-looking hair (that I bet actually took a lot of effort) and canvas-ish tote bags. Damn you Candace Bushnell, HBO and SJPFor the love of Pete, why hadn't I worn a sundress? (Second of all, practically everyone I came in contact with that night barely let me shake their hand before segueing into the classic NYC cocktail party interrogation, aka, "Sooooo, Patty, what do YOU do for a living?"...Grrrrrrrrrrr But that's another blog for a whole other time.)

That being said, I kind of panicked this week because - maybe I didn't mention it but - I'm speaking tonight at The PVD Lady Project's Summer Guide Celebration and with the memory of that NYC rooftop party still in my head, I figured I needed a cool maxi dress pronto. (That's called panic shopping btw.) And a killer three minute speech. (Practiced that last night.)

Off I go to shop for maxi's a few nights ago when I realize I just wasn't feeling it...So, stop by tonight. I definitely won't be wearing a maxi dress (See photos above.) but I will be speaking, along with two other uber talented ladies - Miss Rhode Island 2015, Allie Curtis and Roger Williams Univ's Adriana Dawson...And speaking of Uber, you should totally take one if you have too many cocktails this evening. (Btw, has no one ever told John Stamos about Uber? Just sayin.) I took Uber over to Washington St. to meet up with someone for the blog yesterday and it could not have worked out better. I mean the driver who took me home even let me charge my I-Phone. In my book that warrants a 5 star review.

Ciao For Now,

Patty J

Photo Credits: Biltmore photos courtesy of Google Images. PVD Lady Project photos courtesy of their FB account. Photos of me courtesy of Ashley Farney - To see more of her work, click here.