New & Exciting In RI: One Studio Smooch

My friend Jenny and her husband Michael just opened One Studio Smooch in Cranston, RI.

The Studio combines three things - art, music, and makeup - that make life infinitely better. Jenny's a makeup artist by trade, but studied painting, beginning in college. Her husband is an artist and a singer. Together they are teaming up to offer:

  • Children's Summer Sessions: Sign your kids up for one of three summer sessions, each lasting two weeks. The classes run 9-11:30am. Kids work on different art projects that they then take home with them and also, get a mid morning snack. (Freeing you up for that quick am coffee or Target run. #Wink)
  • Thursday Night Art Classes for Grown-Ups: Your time. Forget your troubles and paint outside the lines. Get in touch with your inner Georgia O'Keefe, Jackson Pollock or Basquiat.
  • Pop Up Parties: Choose from a bunch of options, including paint your own wine glass (, or work with Michael and Jenny to customize a project or theme of your very own. Let the Studio host your next kids' birthday party, girls' night out or what have you. (That way YOU can actually have some fun. No stressing over set up, clean up and other potentially draining details.)

Of Course There's Makeup

Makeup addicts, "they" didn't forget about you! Jenny has expanded her Twinkle & Smooch Beauty to a larger space, which now includes a pretty sitting room with a vanity and a totally zen treatment room. It's a prefect space for a makeup party for your girly little girls or for you and your besties. 

Jenny's Beauty Tips And Tricks For Melt Proof Summer Makeup

  • Nobody wants to look like they're wearing heavy makeup in the summer...For a glow that doesn't scream made up and truly lasts, Jenny recommends applying her  BB Cream (The Twinkle & Smooch formula has lots of good for your skin botanicals and no yucky parabens) to prepped skin with her foundation brush. Same goes for her Undercover Concealer - apply this customer favorite, that hides dark shadows, with her angeled concealer brush and watch as it also helps de-puff your eye area. Yay!
  • Maybe you're already using bronzer for a quick contour or a sun kissed look, but did you know you can use it as a great natural looking faux tanner for your arms and legs? No more apologizing for being ghostly pale mid summer. Jenny says: Apply your usual body cream or moisturizer. Wait a few minutes for it to dry. While you're waiting, grab your bronzer and a big round, fluffy brush. Using a quick upward blending motion apply the bronzer to your arms and/or legs. (The cream keeps the bronzer from wearing off.) Instant radiance.
  • Do you wear glasses? Do you wear sunglasses? Well, Jenny tells me that both hold in the heat which, in turn, causes your eye makeup to melt right off. Ugh. Sad face. The secret to a 'no melt look'? 1-2 coats of her Lash Extender Primer (Let it dry 30 seconds between coats and before applying any mascara. PS - You can even sleep in it.), followed by the waterproof mascara. It's another customer favorite that unlike many brands, does not clump. 

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Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Ashley Farney. To see more of her work, click here.