Let's Be Food Critics: The Must Love Carbs Edition

Gracie's PVD keeps popping up as a favorite of so many of the people who've been featured in the "My RI Life" series on the blog that I decided to go back last night for what ended up being a group dinner. After leaving the Uber driver who'd brought me downcity with a copy of the July 2015 issue of RI Monthly* of course. (I've decided that whenever people ask me what I do for a living, I'm now going to hand them a copy of the magazine. In fact, I'm even carrying extra copies around with me specifically for that purpose. No joke.) But I digress...What I really want to talk about is Gracie's. After having been back, I feel like I can - and should! - give you a few tips on how to maximize your dining experience there. 

  • Make sure you go with your carb loving and wine drinking friends. I mean nothing kills my bread and vino buzz quicker than people pontificating about what they don't eat and why. Let those people stay home and watch Law & Order SVU reruns. That way you get to actually enjoy all the delicious breads and wines without any whining. And then there's the cheese. Can't partake of that with all those I-don't-eat-diary people hasseling you, now can you? Again, have them stay home. (For the record, I had at least four pieces of bread, two glasses of merlot - maybe more - and copious amounts of cheese last night. Yum.)
  • No matter how much you beg the staff, they're not taking you over to the rooftop garden, a few blocks away, where they grow most of the vegetables served in the restaurant. **Sigh** Too bad because that would've been more cool pics I could've uploaded to Instagram (which btw is more than an app, it's a lifestyle people! Can you tell I'm a fan?)
  • But don't despair because the lighting in the bathroom at Gracie's is perfect for a mirror selfie - if you're into that sorta thing - for Facebook and Instagram. #NoFilter or photoshop needed. (Good lighting is everything. Totally serious.) Also, be warned, if you post that selfie on the FB business/fan page for your blog, you will wake up at 7am the next morning to at least one snarky comment left by a #hater (which makes me think that I was remiss in NOT including any mention of haters in my post from the other day, the one about what to watch out for when launching your own blog). 
  • Freshly baked cookies. Yes, the valet leaves them in your car. For the ride home. Not having to find parking downcity and getting warm cookies (made at nearby Ellie's Bakery which our dinner companions Phoebe and Julian swear has the best cookies, cappuccinos and macaroons in the state and is owned by the same peeps behind Gracie's) is a sweet deal, right? And remember: Don't trust anyone who won't sample at least one cookie from Gracie's. Unless they have a severe (legit) gluten allergy, it's a red flag. They're that good!


Ciao for Now,

Patty J


*PattyJ.com is one of four RI blogs featured on page 22 of the July issue (the one with the lobster on the cover) of RI Monthly.


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of us.