The Commute Struggle: How To Eat Healthier And Make Your Co-Workers Jealous

Today's Guest Blog is by the one and only Nicole Tutalo, 20something, year round ice coffee drinker, recent college graduate, and now, (like so many RI'ers) daily commuter. Find out all about her new fav spot these days for delicious and healthy food. 

I commute to Boston everyday for work (I've had it with creepers trying to strike up conversations with me on the train with 'I see your screen is cracked...' Yea, my screen is cracked...Go away!). My stop is Back Bay...I used to pass by JUGOS on my way to my office but never went in because the line was always out the door (literally). Then one day I saw my co-worker, Leah, eating this ice-cream-sundae-looking bowl. That's how I found out about the Acai Bowls from JUGOS. This one's (in photo below) the KAI and it's fruit mixed with granola, with bananas on top. So good. (It's definitely changed MY life because now I go there almost every day.)

When I took my Acai Bowl to work this morning, my other co-workers could not stop staring and one even tasted it and was like wow...That's worth it. I mean $10 later it better be worth it...I recommend the KAI and SAO PAOLO versions. My favorites. (I choose fruit, nuts and granola over any of the ones with kale or spinach. But that's me.)...There are other delicious items on the menu. Another fav is the yogurt and granola. I also see people picking up their juice cleanses all the time and the other day, I actually asked someone how they felt about the "cleanse" . They said they absolutely love it because of the way JUGOS makes the drinks, how great they taste. (Definitely trying it but you can't drink coffee on a cleanse, so those days, stay the F away from me.)....Know what else is amazing? The fact that everything's organic. Yeah that and they have punch cards, so you can earn free drinks and more. Come on, we all like to save a dollar when we can. Especially me. (On a budget now. Don't ask what I pay monthly to travel to and from Boston.)

So, if and when you go to Boston, make sure to get off at Back Bay (Station) and go to JUGOS - healthy, delicious, de-aging, longevity enhancing, love, happiness...Okay, my rant is done.




Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Nicole Tutalo