RI Restaurant Stories: I Scream

Last night I had ice cream for dinner...

After getting caught in an unexpected downpour and grabbing a few coffees at the New Harvest Coffee (more about them in a sec) over in Hope Artiste Village, Ashley and I ended up at Three Sisters on Hope St., where we got to sample some of their ice cream and sorbet. We also got the full scoop about what they're up to these days from night manager Colin Carlton. 

Maybe you've heard people raving about Three Sisters? Me too! As a matter of fact, several people spotlighted in recent "My RI Life" posts on this blog, including Joye Whitney of Floral CoLab, swear by their Dirty Garden Mint ice cream. So, after chatting with Colin (who btw is as obsessed with customer service as he is about the quality of their food and their partnerships with other local RI-based businesses/suppliers) and finally trying the ice cream for myself, I feel compelled to give you The Top Three Things you need to know about Three Sisters right now:

  1. Their best selling ice cream flavors, that are made on the premises and have people lining up down the street, are...Dirty Garden Mint (With fresh mint, choc chips, and milk from a local dairy, it has the kind of refreshing yet subtle flavor that could convert anyone into a diehard fan.). And Peanut Butter Heaven, a blend of milk chocolate, peanut butter, and toffee (another winner created by ice cream maker extraordinaire Shannon) that I inhaled shamelessly.
  2. Their award wining ice cream - and sorbet - is so good (aka, not too milky or too heavy) that it could make you (I mean me) completely forget to ask important qu's like 'What's the significance of the name Three Sisters?' I mean, are the owners* in fact three sisters? Who exactly are these three sisters anyway? 
  3. I did, however, find out that they've expanded their offerings and now have breakfast and lunch menus, burgers, fries, wine, and beer - including something called a beer float. Think root beer float, only take away the root beer and add in a local craft beer instead. (Yeah, I'd never heard of it before either.) One of Colin's combo's? Park Loop Porter Beer, courtesy of their Pawtucket neighbor Bucket Brewery, with a scoop of their Fair Trade coffee, that's made using organic coffee straight from their other neighbor New Harvest. You can also get an ice cream spritzer (one version includes some of their sparkling wine from Argentina, strawberry ice cream, and fruit...That's wine + ice cream people!). Either is perfect to nosh while sitting outside on a nice summer night, people watching on Hope St.

*I found out later that Three Sisters was actually intended as a reference to the owner's (Michael Stern's) three daughters, so there you go.

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Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos by Ashley Farney