My RI Life: Yogi And Cool Girl Giana Rosa Giarrusso

I am a free spirit, to say the least. I love to travel and try new things (I’m not just saying that, I once tried ox in Italy and swam in caves and grottos in Greece). I am addicted to adventure. I also love yoga. My family and friends are the most important people in my life and I probably spend a little too much time with them… lol.

Food & Restaurants

When it comes to food, I'm kind of a snob. I come from an OLD school Italian family, so Olive Garden or any kind of chain BS simply will not do.

            Markos in Narragansett has the best gyro outside of Greece. The second best part is they are BYOB. Order yourself an appetizer sampler to start and you will NOT be sorry. I usually order the gyro/falafel combo because… why not? It’s delicious.

            PJ’s Pub Cranston and Johnston (I’m usually at Cranston… shhhh). The PB&J wings with fluff dipping sauce are my absolute favorite. Don’t question - Just try them. My second favorite are the salt and vinegar wings, which yes, taste just like the chips! If that doesn’t interest you, they have about a million other flavors, burgers, and pizzas. Everything is highly recommended, their kitchen is open late, and there have plenty of beers on tap too...I'm also lucky enough to call the staff my friends. They're sure to entertain! I’m there often and like to think of myself as something of a PJ’s celebrity and many there would agree, I think.

            Raw Bob’s Organic Juicery in EG is my secret weapon when I feel like I need some extra vitamins or I’m craving something sweet and don’t want to feel crappy about having a cupcake or something. The juices and smoothies there are amazing. If you’re brave enough to try a 3-day juice cleanse, I highly recommend Raw Bob’s. I just completed one at the beginning of the month - (It's) The perfect way to repent for all the beer and bbq!

Health & Beauty

So, about two years ago, I decided I was no longer going to use deodorant packed with toxic chemicals. I tried everything and either still stunk or the “deodorant” made a mess, getting all over my lululemon attire and making my mat as slippery as an ice rink. Just when I had lost all hope I found this company, through Instagram, called Primal Pit Paste. The name is funny, but it works like magic. Best part is that there are no chemicals, aluminum or parabens and it's vegan. It also passed a 90-minute hot yoga test, so I’m confident it will work for anyone.

After chucking the deodorant, I started looking at the ingredients in my other products. My general rule of thumb was (and is): “If I cannot pronounce it, I probably don’t want to ingest it or rub it all over my porous skin.” So I ditched all my old lotions, moisturizers and perfumes (The only beauty product I’ve yet to ditch is traditional shampoo and conditioner.) and my new favorites are Aura Glow Lavender Oil for my body and Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil for my face (as a day and night moisturizer). Coconut oil is literally the answer to everything from cooking and baking to topical; I won’t even go into it. Just google it and thank me later. 

My Lulu Life

About two-ish years ago, I also ditched my very straight edge retail job that was making me miserable. I was going to school for Fashion Merchandising & Retail Marketing and started to panic because I had such a sour taste in my mouth. Fast forward a little and I landed at Lululemon Athletica in Aventura, Florida. Fast-forward some more and you will find me now at lululemon in Garden City Center. I love my job because I do more than sell yoga pants: I help inspire a healthy and balanced lifestyle by leading by example.

Biggest mistake guests make when shopping? That’s easy… don’t assume you know your size. We run a little different than most stores and that’s okay. Try things on in the store and let us help you! Show us how different pieces fit. We are here to help you look your best, so you can get out there and feel confidant when you work out or even if the only running you're doing is errands.

The coolest part of working at lululemon in GCC is the incredible network of yogis, teachers and students. I’ve met the most incredible yogis since moving home...If you haven’t tried yoga, do it and don’t just try it once.

Some Yoga Spots You Can Catch Me At:

            Laughing Elephant in EG - You will catch me at either Debbi's or Lori’s classes. Jessie Dwiggins also teaches here and at What is Movement in Warwickanother favorite place of mine for something to shake up your fitness routine!

            Any classes at Raffa Yoga and Urban Sweat in Cranston are highly recommended. I started practicing here about three years ago. There is even this awesome ariel yoga called Anti-Gravity where you're supported by a hammock. You can use it to stretch and tone or just do flips and tricks… it’s really fun! I'm thrilled that I will be starting my journey to become a 200-hour certified yoga teacher through Raffa in two weeks… stay tuned!

            Yoga is about mind, body and spirit. Not just a great yoga bod… although that certainly doesn’t hurt. When it’s time for me to ground myself, I head over to Grace Yoga in NK for Judy’s class on Wednesday nights. The class starts off with traditional Hindu chanting and singing and then a slow, mindful flow. I kid you not - when the class is over, I have to hang out in the parking lot… yoga stoned… it’s a thing. I feel so great when I leave Judy’s class, it really helps break up the week and humpday has become a much-anticipated day. I try to attend this class as often as I can and usually my best friend Nikki joins. When we first started going, we were a bit out of our comfort zone. But that’s the beauty of yoga...This class is (now) one of the most vital parts of my fitness routine because it clears my head and puts my little world into perspective.

Some of My Best Fitness Tips:

1.     There is no such thing as dieting. It’s all about enjoying life. Food is meant to be enjoyed but eat well. Eat whole foods.

2.     Have the cookie… but not 12.

3.     Drink lots of water!

4.     It’s all about the greens… eating them… juicing them.

5.     Maybe a little about fruits and (other) veggies too...Juice them, eat them raw, and do whatever you have to do to add them to your meals.


“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” – The Alchemist, A fable about following your dream


The light in me honors and respects the light in you...Namaste,



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Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of Giana, except for Raw Bob's and LuluLemon, which are by Ashley Farneyand the beauty products, which are courtesy of Google Images.