Jenny DiMucci & Stacey Doyle To The Rescue: The Secrets To Better Looking Photos You'll Be Proud To Share

"With this whole world of technology and social want to put your best face forward."

Jenny DiMucci of Jenny DiMucci Beauty

The other morning, I motored over to the Hope Artiste Village on Main St. in Pawtucket to hang out with my old friend makeup artist Jenny DiMucci and my new friend Stacey Doyle of Stacey Doyle Photography at her studio there. (If you haven't been to Hope Artiste Village yet, what're you waiting for?) The two of them have joined forces to help those of us out there who are slightly terrified of having our picture taken but need fabulous professional photos for our LinkedIn, web site, blog, FB business page or all of the above. (Jenny and Stacey are also pretty busy working with local actors who need first rate head shots too btw.)

PattyJ Tip: Selfies or those photos your friend took of you at dinner last week - that you filtered a few times via the Instagram App on your phone - are not going to cut it in the world of social media for business. Sorry/not sorry.

Now, I've known Jenny since my retail days, but after talking with Stacey for only a few minutes, I felt as though I'd known her for ages as well. I felt instantly at ease. Comfortable. And that's the way you want to feel when you're having your picture taken professionally, right (because, for most of us, it an be intimidating to the max)?


"I've seen people come in scared, go thru the process, then bloom like a flower and in the end, they're psyched, wanting to keep going..."

Jenny D.

With makeup application by Jenny (approximately an hour from start to finish, especially important if you want an end result from the 'like you only better' or 'I woke up like this.' file), followed by at least 15 minutes with Stacey (She needs anywhere from 15 - 45 minutes to get those WOW! head shots...longer, if like me, you take some extra time to relax in front of the lens.), you will soon be able to switch out those outdated pix (Be honest - Is your LinkedIn one current? Or from 3, 4, 5 years ago?) or selfies (No more explaining away or apologizing for those subpar pics of you that your co-workers and/or clients are seeing online.) for something you will love, love, LOVE. Seriously. 

More About Stacey

Of course, before leaving Stacey's Studio, I had to ask about her RI favs. (She's the kind of person who always seems to know the best places.) Here's what she had to say:

Coffee: LaSalle Bakery, The Shop On Wickenden (a new fav)

Restaurants: Nick's On Broadway (high praise for Chef Derek!), Garde de la Mer

Bar: The Eddy or The Point (fun, with an eclectic mix of people) 

• Speaking of food and drink, Stacey also does a lot of food shoots; in fact, she's responsible for many of the shots in the (new) Sept 2015 Cocktail Issue of Providence Monthly

• Stacey's Tips for Taking Better Pics On Your Own: Find the 'good light' or find that friend who understands the importance of having the right lighting. (We all have that one 'friend' who is constantly snapping impromptu group selfies and posting the usually unflattering results to FB or IG. **Sigh**)

To find out more about booking time with Jenny and Stacey, click here.


Ciao For Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos, except for the 'Hey Gorgeous' sign, are courtesy of Ashley Farney.