What's So Wrong With Cranston?

Today's post is by a life long, 20-something Cranston resident. Read on to get her take on those drinking the hater-ade about her hometown. 

Brianna and her sister Nicole

Brianna and her sister Nicole


Trivia Question

What's show-y (Some might say tacky.), has a bad RI accent, goes tanning, chews gum, wears too much make-up, drives a white Beamer or Mercedes, has fake boobs, and loves Guido men?


A Pop Tart.

Or so says someone I know who's not from Cranston...Over the past few weeks, I have come to the realization that there are so many Cranston HATERS out there!!! I don't get it. What's so wrong with Cranston? And why are we - the girls who live there - being labeled pop tarts?

Showing The Love With A Cranston Tee

Showing The Love With A Cranston Tee

Tanning...So, no one over 25 even goes tanning anymore because the sun = wrinkles. AND news flash all you Jersey Shore fans out there - Pauly D is actually from Johnston, not Cranston.

We chew gum. Really? That's all I'll say about that.

We wear too much makeup? OK, hear me out on this:

#1 Every female has at one point in their lives left the house with a little too much bronzer on. Whatever. It happens. #GTFO

#2 Are you forgetting that Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo is from Cranston? She is 1 of MANY women from this city who happens to be naturally beautiful! A few more: Julie Ward, Lindsay Raposa, Katie Ceresi, Heather Santoro, Nicole Renzulli Martins, Lilo Capaldi and trust me when I say this list goes on and on.

Yes, we LOVE white BMW's or Mercedes! Question - What's WRONG with owning a luxury automobile??? We work hard. Don't judge because we like nice things and have FAB taste.

Fake Boobs...To each his own & shut up - You know you don't hate them.

The guys are Guido's...Again, DJ Pauly D is from Johnston. (Not gonna lie, North Providence totally has Cranston beat on this one.) And Guido's smell good and are always well manicured and well groomed.

Face it - every city has their own version of pop tarts, 'Real Housewives' or what have you. It's not strictly a 'Cranston thing'. Head to Main Street EG, Mineral Spring or Federal Hill - I'm sure you'll be able to find a few of the usual suspects in those places too.

This 'Cranston' Tee Is Available Via The Frog & Toad Store On Hope St. In PVD

This 'Cranston' Tee Is Available Via The Frog & Toad Store On Hope St. In PVD

More Reasons Why I Think Cranstonians Are The Sh*t

If something goes wrong, Cranstonians get out there and help out. For reals. They are there for one another and other people who need a hand...There's one specific situation that has stayed with me when I think about this topic & it has to do with Brian Moretti. I have never seen more people care and contribute so much after his passing - especially his family and friends from the city of Cranston. From kickball games to golf tournaments to hockey classics, they did (and are still doing) whatever they could to keep his memory alive. They also set up the Brian Moretti Scholarship Fund for Cranston West Graduating Seniors heading to college.

Awesome Spots & Local Attractions That Cranston Haters Should Check Out Immediately

  • Garden City
  • Chapel View
  • St. Mary's Feast in Knightsville
  • The Greek Feast
  • Twin Oaks (an iconic Cranston eatery!)
  • Sonia's Market & Deli
  • The Thirsty Beaver
  • Basta (in Pawtuxet Village)
  • Nino's Pizza
  • Antonio's Trattoria
  • Sundaes
  • Garden Hills Deli
  • Tommy's Pizza 

And many, many more.